Human Design Resources

Step 1: Understand you energy type & decision-making process

Step 2: Learn your personality profile

Step 3: Dive deeper & free workshops

Step 1: Click on your human type to understand your energy style and decision-making process.

I don't know my energy type


Idea Initiators


Builders, doers, creators




Advisors, guides, teachers


The reviewers and mirrors

Step 2: Click on your Profile Numbers (ie. 1/3) to understand your personality traits.

Profile Line 1: Investigator

Learns through research

Profile Line 2: The Hermit

Learns with natural talent

Profile Line 3: The Martyr

Learns by experience

Profile Line 4: Opportunist

Learns by connection

Profile Line 5: The Heretic

Learns by helping others

Profile Line 6: The Role Model

Learns through self

Step 3: Dive deeper into your self-discovery journey, with a full human design summary report, a personal reading, or the free self-study courses below.

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Human design is complex and expensive. Our mission is to make it affordable and useful with our Human Design & Primary Health System Report.

This report is different to everything else:

  • It is concise yet full of essential information
  • It describes core traits and strengths
  • It is simplified to create your own interpretation
  • It is customized to your unique chart
  • It can change your life in 15-minutes

Unlock Your Human Design
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The Human Design System

Human design is a classification system using five different energy types. Each type functions differently and has certain personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Find out which type you are:

> GENERATORS: Creators (35%)


> PROJECTORS: Advisors (20%)

> MANIFESTORS: Initiators (9%)

> REFLECTORS: Reviewers (1%)

Human design is not a belief system as some may believe, but a tool to help people understand how we all function differently and that what is correct for one person may not be correct for the next. It is designed to help people to identify and create a lifestyle that works for them and is their version of fulfillment and happiness.


Learn how to research your own human design with our step-by-step explanations about each part of your chart.

WORKSHOP How to Read Your Human Design Chart

An Introduction to the Human Design System

Learn about all of the energy types and how they interact with each other.

Human Design Introduction by caseymarriott