Natural Skills & Characteristics: Channels in Human Design

Head to Ajna Channels

¶ CHANNEL 61–24: AWARENESS – Rational knowledge. Likes to review and rationalize information until you come up with answers to unknown questions and mysteries in life. Forms new thoughts, opinions, methodologies, or ideologies that can help others. Can become a slave to constant thinking in search of inspiring yourself or uncovering new knowledge, which can lead to mental exhaustion or the inability to turn your mind off. 

¶ CHANNEL 64–47: ABSTRACTION – New solutions. Your mind likes to wrestle with abstract concepts to make sense of them in a new way. You can piece together various abstract pieces or separate data to create a new answer. Can be useful for creating new concepts or solutions to problems. You have spontaneous moments of clarity as your thought processes finally make sense, an ‘aha’ moment when everything falls into place. 

¶ CHANNEL 63–4: LOGIC – Logical thought-processing skills. Your mind feels pressure to search for answers and understand things. Ability to ask the right questions, analyze the facts, and recognize patterns to come up with answers, opinions, solutions, or to logically predict the most probable outcome.

Ajna to Throat Channels

¶ CHANNEL 17–62: ACCEPTANCE – Methodical mind. Ability to study, sort, or organize complex systems, facts, or data and bring it together to understand it or see something new. Tends to enjoy mentally organizing information to create new hypotheses, methodologies, ideas, concepts, or opinions you can back up. Can also explain these things to others in a way they understand it.  

¶ CHANNEL 11–56: CURIOSITY – Insightful mind. Always seeking to understand the meaning of things and find new information, which you enjoy sharing to stimulate others. Your curiosity, ideas, and constant state of searching mean you are always seeing new insights, answers, and concepts, which you often pass on in the form of stimulating stories or advice. 

¶ CHANNEL 43–23: STRUCTURING – Insight skills. Your mental processes break down the bigger picture, see various paths and new concepts, and can effectively express these insights to help others see things in a new way. You may think your insights are obvious and not see your skill. May fear sharing due to rejection, but only certain people embrace your insights and have huge transformations, while others won’t understand.

Throat to Spleen Channels

¶ CHANNEL 16–48: THE WAVELENGTH – Natural talent. Typically has a natural skill or creative flair that you build up and master over time. Tends to have abilities, dedication, and knowledge to deepen your talent, also through repetition. May think you are never good or perfect enough and get stuck refining and developing your skills or seeking more qualifications. May divert your talent to make others big.

¶ CHANNEL 57–20: THE BRAINWAVE – Spontaneous insights. Tends to instinctively know what to do or say in the moment, which can guide your decision-making. You are usually one step ahead of others, you are constantly aware of or scanning your environment to see what’s happening and what could happen next. Sometimes you see the truth or understand a situation long before everyone else, which can have an impact when you share it.

Throat to Identity Channel

¶ CHANNEL 20–10: AWAKENING – Influence. You impact and inspire others simply by being yourself and maintaining your integrity no matter what you face. This is how you empower and invite others to wake up and be the most authentic and pure version of themselves. Even just through your example, you show others to enjoy life and accept themselves.

Throat to Sacral Channel

¶ CHANNEL 20–34: CHARISMA – Impact. When you follow the projects and interests that excite you, you tap into your energy and move fast. You get things into motion and magnetize or attract others to what you are doing. You are happiest and most impactful when you are busy creating.  You seem to know what to say and do in the moment to get quickly to a goal.

Identity to Sacral Channel

¶ CHANNEL 34–10 EXPLORATION – Empowerment. You empower and inspire others by following exactly what you are driven by. You can master the things that excite and interest you. You are happiest when following what aligns with your identity. You empower others to feel comfortable being themselves and activating their own sense of uniqueness. 

Identity to Spleen Channel

¶ CHANNEL 57–10: PERFECTED FORM – Creativity. Your life is a journey of perfecting what defines you, following your instincts, building your natural talents, and feeding your desire to create art and beauty. Through your example, you adapt, survive, and invite others to find the courage to live as themselves.

Instinct–Sacral Channel

¶ CHANNEL 57–34: POWER – Quick action. You have the ability to pivot, bring change, and be quick to react in the moment and take action. You are most efficient and fastest when you tap into your spontaneous instinct and actions. Skilled in crisis management or reviving situations, companies, people, or projects that are struggling. You may not trust your ability to respond spontaneously and overly plan. 

Instinct–Heart Channel

¶ CHANNEL 26–44: SURRENDER – Entrepeneur. Skilled at seeing past patterns and what needs to be done differently, and understanding how to meet the needs of people. You tend to understand how to improve an old concept, standard, or product to match the market or audience. Good at negotiation, persuasion, and communicating, especially when you believe what you are presenting will significantly help.

Communication– Identity Channels

¶ CHANNEL 7–31: THE ALPHA – Leadership. Skilled at leading groups towards a common goal, with natural abilities to influence, direct, and keep people happy. People often naturally select you to lead, take charge, or organize things, and this is when you best lead. May fear stepping into a leadership role but need to acknowledge that your unique way of managing things is a strength.

¶ CHANNEL 1–8: INSPIRATION – Creative role model. Tends to have a strong sense of identity and voice that people can rely on. You may feel pulled to curate a style in your life and what you bring to the world. You inspire others to be themselves by living and sharing your unique twist and leading by example. You naturally attract attention when you live freely, expressing your individuality, without dimming your identity, or being affected by what others think. 

¶ CHANNEL 13–33: THE PRODIGAL – Retrospection. You gather knowledge from listening to stories and reflecting on your and people’s experiences. You see lessons and often enjoy sharing your insights with others to make them also reflect. Others learn from your observations and stories about failures, success, pain, and joy. You often see situations on a deeper level than most and can startle others with your profound perception, storytelling, and guidance. 

Identity–Sacral Channels

¶ CHANNEL 15–5: RHYTHM – Flow and efficiency. Ability to see how to create flow and what needs to change to achieve it. You can analyze patterns to understand the best timing and improvements of things. Skilled at assessing and evaluating situations to see if it needs readjusting. You can feel the right timing for certain products, concepts, or inventions. You don’t like to be rushed as it easily disrupts your timing and flow. Out of your routines, life quickly feels chaotic.

¶ CHANNEL 2–14: THE BEAT – Direction. When you follow your body’s responses step-by-step, you can be guided to put projects or people back on track. You empower others by pointing them in the right direction, making you a human compass. This can transform a failing business, raw materials, or new ideas into something successful or useful.

¶ CHANNEL 46–29: DISCOVERY – Lessons from perseverance. Your high level of commitment makes you succeed where others fail. When you’re excited and committed, you can take something very far, whether a project, person, or hobby. You also help others transform by sharing what you discover from your experiences. Make sure you only follow things that are correct for you, otherwise, you may feel a commitment to the end, even if it is bad. 

Identity–Heart Channel

¶ CHANNEL 25–51: INITIATION – Upleveling. You can be an impactful force propelling yourself and others forward to new levels, creating new possibilities, movements, and opportunities. You have the ability to initiate and push people into new territories and experiences because you inspire them with your competitiveness, your need to be first, and your desire to go beyond limitations. 

Identity–Communication Channel

¶ CHANNEL 21–45: THE MONEY LINE – Wealth. You have the natural skills and resources to succeed materially: willpower, effective control and management, and the ability to attract the right support or sponsors. You tend to like financial independence and not being under anyone’s control. You feel great satisfaction when hard work creates profits for yourself, family, or work.

Identity–Emotional Channel

¶ CHANNEL 37–40: COMMUNITY – Connection. You are skilled at forming groups and like-minded communities, in which you can also find success and fulfillment. You know how to make everyone feel like they have a role, feel respected, and be included in the larger whole. You know how to hold them together and make the group thrive. Tends to need real connection in any relationship, including business.

Communication–Emotional Channel

¶ CHANNEL 12–22: OPENNESS – Expression. Has deep emotional insight and intensity underneath the surface. Tends to be passionate, emotional, or use creative outlets to express emotional depth. When the mood and timing are right, you can empower or spark emotional reactions in others, causing them to experience a wide range of emotions through what you create, say, or write.

¶ CHANNEL 35–36: TRANSITORINESS – Learns by experiences. Tends to chase new things, thrills, adventures, activities, or opportunities that potentially offer lessons or an improvement in life. This is how you accumulate knowledge and help others with your advice and stories. When you are driven to live a full life, it inspires others to join you. Can be prone to constantly searching for stimulation, in jobs, relationships, travel, moving locations etc.

Sacral to Instinct Channels

¶ CHANNEL 27–50: PRESERVATION – Nurturing. Traits related to caring, altruism, compassion, or support come naturally and easily to you. You may feel an instinctive responsibility to nurture, protect, care for, or save others. But you must first take care of yourself to have enough energy for others. Prone to over-giving, being taken for granted, and feeling upset when others don’t care to the level they do.

Instinct to Root Channels

¶ CHANNEL 32–54: TRANSFORMATION – Driven to succeed. Tends to be ambitious and driven by a deep feeling that you are here to do great things. Ability to transform any activity into material progress or gain, with resilience and adrenaline to overcome challenges. You can evaluate projects and people to see the required time, resources, and reward, and whether it is worth it. Tendency to be a workaholic.

¶ CHANNEL 28–38: STRUGGLE – Fighter. Ability and resilience to fight, stand up for, or push for things that matter and give your life purpose, even if it seems impossible or against the mainstream. You feel pressure to seek new experiences, causes, or risks that give your life meaning. May get stuck thinking you must struggle for something to have meaning or always looking for something to fight for.

¶ CHANNEL 18–58 JUDGEMENT – Correction. Ability to spot what is wrong and improve it, whether in social, working, or home situations. Can successfully improve companies, people, and situations to be better, more efficient, or more desirable. But these judgments or fixes can feel like criticism in the wrong context, so it’s important to ensure a person wants your advice or help. Can become overly critical and negative if turned onto yourself or relationships. 

Root to Sacral Channels

¶CHANNEL 42–53: MATURATION – Starting and finishing cycles. You may feel energy and pressure to find and start new things and see them through until they are done. You are a great launch pad to get projects off the ground or things to the next level. You live each experience fully, from beginning to end, and are able to assess what and how something or someone has matured, changed, or transformed as a result.

¶ CHANNEL 3–60: MUTATION – Change. Ability to create dramatic changes, breakthroughs, or transformations in people, projects, or yourself. You can be a force for change that takes big leaps into something new or different. Can see limitations and possibilities to improve old ways of doing things or concepts. Feels a pull between restlessness, melancholy, and confusion, and then feeling sparked into action to overcome the next step or mutation of what needs to be changed.

¶ CHANNEL 9–52: CONCENTRATION – Detailed planning. Determined to concentrate, focus, learn, apply, and master all details of a process, system, or person until you improve it. Can pinpoint and set detailed targets, goals, and plans to reach success. Your concentration finds and tackles any fine detail to ensure everything is in place to go forward. May also feel insecure in relationships or other situations until everything is in place, perfect, or all details accounted for.

Sacral–Emotional Channel

¶ CHANNEL 59–6: MATING – Deep bonds. You feel a need for deep, honest, and intimate bonds or relationships in both your professional and personal life. You need to know others and that they know you on a real level before moving forward or creating something together. You may feel strong desires, feelings, and attractions to certain things, which gives you an indication of the right connections and projects to invest your energy into or commit to.

Root to Emotional Channels

¶ CHANNEL 19–49: SYNTHESIS – Connection. Ability to feel, understand, and communicate the needs of others, being able to give voice to common discontent, and start movements when the principles you stand for are not met. Can bring people together, create deep connections, and move groups towards common goals worth attaching to. You may feel the desire to be needed, offer support, soothe others, or assist, whether asked to or not, and may over-give.

¶ CHANNEL 39–55: EMOTING – Feelings. Ability to tap into deep emotions and creative moods. Can provoke, influence, or change the emotions of others depending on your own emotions or your creative outputs. You unconsciously search for the right people for you, as well as inspire others to explore and dive into their own emotions and feelings. Can be passionate about what you are doing, which is when you dig deep and give it your best. 

¶ CHANNEL 41–30: RECOGNITION – Visionary. You have drive, ambition, and imagination to achieve a better future or big dreams. You can bring intensity and passion to your ideas, turning your visions into reality. It is important to explore your feelings and narrow down to your most important desires or dreams. This helps focus your efforts to really make it happen. May have dramatic ups and downs.

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