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Hi, I’m Casey

As a Self-Activation Coach, I mentor gifted beings into their highest potential. But what I discovered is that many of our gifts are stuck in dysfunctional states.

I believe that everyone is gifted. But in the wrong environments or structures, gifted energy gets misdirected into dysfunctional behaviors, such as anxiety, overthinking, procrastination, self-doubt, and more. These people come to believe they are broken, debilitated, or just not meant to be successful.

If this sounds like you, we can fix it.

This was my story, too. It took a lot of experimentation to master my dysfunctional behaviors into gifts. This inspired me to create a self-activation space, where you can access my lessons, methodologies, live coaching sessions and, most important of all, a like-minded community. 

The Self-Activation Academy is designed to activate your gifted potential so you can start earning money, gain recognition, and lead a successful purpose-led career and lifestyle.

I show you how to invest in your gifted potential, instead of your dysfunctional behaviors. I hope you join me in this life-changing program. 

The Self-Activation Academy

This e-book takes you through 3 simple yet powerful reflection points to assess whether you are ready to awaken your gifts and start earning from your purpose-led business.

E-Book Gifted Businesses Red Flags

Self-Activation Tools

Where to start

The club for breakthroughs. Access live coaching sessions, self-paced courses, competitions, deep conversations, and social activation exercises.

Release deep blindspots and unblock your gifts. This customized self-activation guidance helps you quantum leap into your higher purpose.

It is difficult to self-activate your potential while in a deep burnout stage. Check your burnout level using this quiz and identify the key areas to work on.

Self-awareness is the first step towards your highest potential. We start with the human design system to quickly assess gifts and vulnerabilities.

Life-Changing Transformation

How it has helped others

Mentorshop Programs
brittany handler testimony

I feel so seen by Casey in every session. There’s this magical quality to her guidance that takes me straight into my psyche, uncover my truth, and promptly take aligned action. Her energy and reflections alone have helped me cut through the complexity and get to the simplicity of any situation. One of my biggest growths was finally resting into my true flow of time and energy, something that was a heavy blockage even after years of other work. Sessions with Casey leave me feeling accountable in a way that comes from within me—unlike with past guidance or coaching where I felt like the accountability was a feeling of needing to prove something externally. She truly activates my inner momentum in the most precise and profound way. Even just a simple email can make me jump light years into my journey and bring so much clarity.

Brittany Handler / 3/5 Projector Author & Somatic Guide
eva nelving testimony

This has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I recommend it to everyone! It provided deep insights into my true self, teaching me valuable lessons about who I am. One major breakthrough was realizing the importance of granting myself permission to rest without guilt, leading to my personal growth and success. The impact of my session extends beyond self-discovery. It has transformed the way I approach everyday life, unveiling hidden feelings and providing practical guidance on how to navigate those situations. Casey delivers clear explanations with enthusiasm. I highly recommend investing in the full program, it’s a life-changing experience of profound knowledge, understanding, and inspiration. Prepare to be amazed and enlightened on this transformative journey.

Eva Nelving / 4/6 Projector Corporate Event Director
hannah taylor testimony

This session has come to me at the very moment in my life when I needed it most, reinforcing and consolidating life-long learning–and taking it to the next level of depth. I am astounded with Casey’s natural precision and nuance, and impressed with her flow and easy articulation. I am so grateful Casey has chosen to pursue the path of helping us with furthering our understanding of ourselves and supporting us on our respective paths in life. I cannot recommend Casey and her human design work more highly.

Hannah Taylor / 2/4 Manifesting Generator Government Policy Strategist
keirin brown testimonial

Casey’s human design reading was in-depth and comprehensive. She took her time to go deep into the layers of my design type. Aspects of myself that at times I had judged had a completely new framing. It was validating to hear from the Human Design perspective that these aspects of my personality are a natural part of who I am and nothing to judge. Not only that, her reading showed how these traits are the foundation of my power in my relationships and work. She gave guidance on how to further embody that. Her reading was empathic, real and detailed. Highly recommend.

Kieren Brown / 4/6 Projector Somatic Life Coach & Yoga Therapist
anita testimony reading

If you are interested in self-development and gaining a deeper level of self-awareness to help guide your path, the Human Design process really helps shine a light. Human Design is a scientific, psychologically based approach mixed with holistic sciences and is truly accurate and fascinating. This was my first experience with the approach and Casey was brilliant. She was so clear in her communications with intuitive interpretations that really resonated with me. I had many a-ha moments that have helped me understand myself as well as provided a clearer picture of my purpose, too. Highly recommend Casey to anyone looking for clarity, direction and a deeper sense of self.

Anita Godbeer / 4/1 Manifestor General Manager Communications, Tourism Australia

I had heard of Human Design, but I hadn’t really explored that area before. A comment from Casey sparked my interest, prompting me to dive deeper and get a reading from her. She is kind, intuitive, and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She also adapts her approach to fit what the client needs or their preferred communication style. The human design reading she gave me was a powerful confirmation of things I had long suspected about myself, despite societal contradictions. I highly recommend working with Casey–the insights she provided are likely to change my life for the better, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

Ivette Kjelsrud / 5/1 Projector Founder of Ive & Co
claire sellers review

My human design reading with Casey was nothing short of extraordinary. I listened to it so many times because I truly felt seen in a way I never have. So much of my life path, my purpose, my decisions, patterns suddenly all made sense. Her understanding and knowledge of Human Design is clearly embodied and mastered through her transmissions. If you are seeking clarity, affirmation and guidance on your path, I cannot recommend working with Casey enough.

Claire Sellers / 3/5 Generator Career & Life Coach
amy family reading testimony

I first got my own human design reading by Casey and loved how it just seemed to make sense. I consider myself a fairly self aware person but found the reading very validating. However, when I got the readings done for my other family members, that’s when I really felt I benefited from it. It explained why my kids had different needs, what environments they thrived in, and how I could help them harbor their talents. In regards to my husband it described where our personalities clashed and also pin-pointed our strengths as a couple. It has made me more tentative to his needs. It has completely changed how we function as a family and gives us all space to be individuals, harmoniously. I am so glad for the experience.

Amy Baxter / 5/1 Projector Photography & Media
sandra piers testimony

My session with Casey was so insightful and enlightening. With my logical and skeptical mind, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very surprised by the accuracy and the precision of the information. With Casey’s balance between methodical structure and intuition, she gave me clarity about my abilities and how to use them day to day. It highlighted several aspects of my inner self in a way I could accept and recognize them better, to move more freely and consciously through life. I learned how to embrace my non-linear processes and my tendency to jump from one interest or hobby to another, and how to deal with the pressure and the self exigence I often experience. Casey’s skills to communicate and organize the amazing amount of information in a lucid, detailed and exemplified way is pretty extraordinary. Very satisfying for people looking for concrete tools and down-to-earth knowledge to understand oneself better and from a different perspective.

Sandra Piers / 1/3 Mani-Gen Chinese Medicine & Corporal Therapist

Why It Works

Our self-activation space & social therapies are expertly designed to hone your gifted potential, build confidence, and apply strategies to succeed in your purposeful business

Develop your thoughts and formulate new ideas by having conversations you can’t openly have with others. Many of us have the same stories and struggles, and through sharing we help others see the solution, too.

Release blockages and push through obstacles by sharing your story in a supportive space, which can be monumental in releasing old wounds, guilt, and repressions. It can spark self-activation of solutions that you didn’t see before.

Practice your gifts and advise others. We do this through weekly sharing and requests for advice. Sharing openly in a like-minded space lets your authentic self develop in the external world, not only as your inner ego or in your mind. Your authentic brand can live and breath.

Every member is invited to post about their business and interact with the whole community. There are spaces for beginner practitioners to exchange sessions for testimonials, and opportunities for expert practitioners to do workshops and podcasts to share what they do.