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Access self-activation content, courses, worksheets and insight prompts, live coaching sessions, webinars, and experimental therapies to invoke deep insights, release blockages, and unlock your natural gifts and highest potential.

Share freely and openly in a supportive space with like-minded experts. Through weekly conversations, digital PARTIES, and challenges, members can break through their fear of perfectionism and posting their true thoughts.

Members have spaces to list their business, mentor others, build testimonials, be featured on the podcast, or hold a workshop for the community. Each person can hone their Authentic Brand through storytelling, fun activities, and practice.

We put 20% of profits back into the community to buy holistic services and products from members, which other members win through weekly competitions. This is one of the best forms of self-activation & self-awareness for any situation.

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This 6-module self-activation course guides you understand your gifts and address the dysfunctional behaviors and belief systems that block your potential or gifted success.

It includes:

  • 6 modules of video courses
  • Worksheets & journal prompts
  • Group exercises & shared activities (you are not alone!)

A self-activation space & social therapy to make a Purpose Power Play

This is for you if:

  • Conventional therapies and approaches never fully work, or it’s difficult that people see or understand you. We get you.

  • You are mostly functional but also struggle internally with dysfunctional behaviors, such as overthinking, worry, self-doubt, indecisiveness, anxiety, procrastination, and more. We can fix that.

  • You struggle to find like-minded people to share what you’re going through; many people don’t get you or aren’t chasing the same goals. We are.

  • You’re sick of being in your current (dis)Comfort Zone, you want to make a power play but struggle every time you try. We empower each other.

  • You are ready to get unstuck and empower your natural gifts and inherent potential, the non-dicky and non-pushy way. We guide each other.

  • You would describe yourself as authentic, different, creative, emotional, flow-driven, fluid, gifted, inconsistent, individualistic, intuitive, misunderstood, sensitive to energy, quirky beings. We are authentic.

I want in

New Reflective Coaching Style

Have deep breakthroughs that change the trajectory of your entire life

brittany handler testimony

I feel so seen by Casey in every session. There’s this magical quality to her guidance that gets me to go straight into my psyche, uncover my truth, and promptly take aligned action. She truly activates my inner momentum in the most precise and profound way. Even just a simple email sometimes makes me jump light years into my journey and brings so much clarity.–Brittany


Author + Holistic Therapies, 3/5 Projector

sandra piers testimony

With Casey’s balance between methodical structure and intuition, she gave me clarity about my abilities and how to use them day to day. It highlighted several aspects of my inner self in a way I could accept and recognize them better. I learned how to embrace my non-linear processes and my tendency to jump from one interest or hobby to another, and how to deal with the pressure and the self exigence I often experience. Casey’s skills to communicate and organize the amazing amount of information in a lucid, detailed and exemplified way is pretty extraordinary. Very satisfying for people looking for concrete tools and down-to-earth knowledge to understand oneself better and from a different perspective.


Chinese Medicine & Corporal Therapies, 1/3 Mani-gens

hannah taylor testimony

This came to me at the very moment in my life when I needed it most, reinforcing and consolidating life-long learning and taking it to the next level of depth. I am so grateful Casey has chosen to pursue the path of helping us with furthering our understanding of ourselves and supporting us on our respective paths in life. I cannot recommend Casey and her work more highly.

Hannah Taylor

Government Policy Strategist, 2/4 Manifesting Generator

anita testimony reading

I had many ‘a-ha’ moments that have helped me understand myself as well as provided a clearer picture of my purpose, too. Highly recommend Casey to anyone looking for clarity, direction and a deeper sense of self.

Anita Goodbeer

General Communications Manager, Tourism Australia, 4/1 Manifestor

claire sellers review

My reading with Casey was nothing short of extraordinary. I listened to it so many times because I truly felt seen in a way I never have. So much of my life path, my purpose, my decisions, patterns suddenly all made sense. If you are seeking clarity, affirmation and guidance on your path, I cannot recommend working with Casey enough.

Claire Sellers

Business Coach / 3/5 Generator

eva nelving testimony

This has been an absolute game-changer for me. Casey provided deep insights into my true self, teaching me valuable lessons about who I am. One major breakthrough was realizing the importance of granting myself permission to rest without guilt. It has transformed the way I approach everyday life, unveiling hidden feelings and providing practical guidance on how to navigate those situations. Casey delivers clear explanations with enthusiasm. I highly recommend investing in the full session, it’s a life-changing experience


Corporate Events Director, 4/6 Projector


Hi, I’m Casey

I am a Self-Activation & Burnout Coach, as well as a Human Design Analyst. My passion is understanding human behavior and finding what blocks people. I use my gifts as a 4/6 Reflector to build communities and start the conversations people crave. We do this by sharing our stories and experiences in a safe and supportive community.

I believe everyone is gifted. But they might not see it because they are in the wrong environment to blossom. This misdirects their gifted energy, sometimes resulting in burnout, heightened mental and emotional states, and dysfunctional behaviors, such as anxiety, overthinking, and self-doubt.

We are not taught how to value or develop our instinctual and natural gifts, and sadly many never step into their true potential.

I mentor creative, gifted, and purpose-led beings into their highest performance, guiding them to release the blindspots that block their functional gifts. This course is the culmination of the methodologies and teachings from my mentorship program, as well as from my own experiences and experimentation. I share what I know and do best.

Ultimately, my courses are designed to empower your authentic brand, so you can step into a gifted and successful life. It is designed to initiate your own self-activation process, in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. And, every now and then, we go live and have some fun. Welcome to your community, I can’t wait to see you inside.

Course Outline


There are two ways to to take this 6-module course:

1) Self-Study: $55 + worksheets + access to the Self-Activation Alumni Group (private community).

Self-Study + Group Membership

2) VIP Coaching: $555 – we work alongside each module with weekly LIVE COACHING sessions and group self-activation (this is a POWERFUL space). We go deeper into different examples and each session is customized to the group’s questions. This is for those who are serious about up-leveling and realigning their life path, self-empowerment, and purpose. There are LIMITED SPACES to keep this as an intimate group and so that EACH PERSON is guaranteed a live coaching session on the calls.

VIP Membership

How it works

Each week there is either a free live coaching session or workshop, where people are invited to share their stories and get 1:1 coaching without the high price.

We hold weekly ‘parties’, challenges, and conversation questions, so everyone can hone their authentic perspective in a like-minded space without judgement.

Work through deep limiting beliefs, subconscious blindspots, and toxic patterns that block your gifted potential, in your own privacy and on your time schedule.

Members can advertise their business, respond to questions, and apply for paid opportunities. 20% of profits buys sessions from members, which are given away in competitions.

The Self-Activation Academy will help if you:

  • Struggle to make progress or stick to goals
  • Feel lost, confused, or lack self-direction
  • Struggle with dysfunctional and mental health behaviors
  • Do not feel empowered in life, career, or relationships
  • Lack confidence or battle with fluctuating self-esteem
  • Are in burnout mode or must force yourself each day
  • Procrastinate and lack natural motivation
  • Do not feel contentment, fulfillment, or successful
  • Feel deep purpose and power but can’t tap into it


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