Understand Your Next Step

Feeling lost or stuck? Suffering from energetic burnout? Don’t know what to do next?

Get clarity to understand yourself and make better decisions towards your next step.

Get personal, guided messages answering your biggest questions and challenges, using a mix of your human design, intuitive reflections, and a variety of tools.

Let’s find your purpose and align your life to who you really are.


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Find Your Blindspots

The best therapist is you

I am the Reflector energy type (4/6) in Human Design, which helps others see uncomfortable truths that stop them from moving forward. I see you on deep level like a mirror or reflection, guiding you to vocalize what you might not have brought into focus before.

Reflectors sense people’s thoughts and emotions to pinpoint blindspots and patterns. Reflectors also act as a safe space and great soundboards to express inner fears, ideas, and deep desires. 

Through a mix of human design, self-reflection, and talking, we work to bring your subconscious patterns into consciousness. This gives you the awareness and tools to activate your own self-healing path, life changes, and ultimately finding your purpose. This is especially useful if one-for-all approaches haven’t worked for you so you.

Once you move through your biggest roadblocks, you can finally create a life that brings you happiness, fulfillment, and success, That is the level of self-wellness we all deserve.

Take the next leap you’ve been avoiding and step into a life where you thrive.

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Take the next step you’ve been avoiding

Let’s dive into a complete self-wellness checkup. It is for people who are ready to face their current reality and make their next life change. It is for those who are ready to face the niggle about what’s not working and finally create something that does.

By bringing together tools such as human design, story telling, cognitive exercises, and coaching, we work through your desired transformation. It is generally recommended that people have already attended some form of traditional therapy or be familiar with openly sharing and self-reflection.

During sessions, we focus on your questions, pain points, behaviors you want to change, or decisions you are stuck with. Sometimes I will draw from your human design principles and other times we will draw from your experiences and reflections.

It can be validating and disconcerting to be seen so clearly. When we see ourselves from a third-perspective, we can understand and accept our vulnerabilities without forgetting to celebrate our strengths.

This is a way to bring together your deepest thoughts you might not have fully formed yet. You can use these sessions to understand yourself, get clarity, or understand how to move forward.

Too many people are unhappy, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. This is not an optimal state of well-being.

Many people feel stuck in lives they can’t adapt, or they don’t know how or what needs to change. Mentalities like ‘work harder’ or ‘be more disciplined’ don’t work for everyone. People give up on feeling good, finding success, and loving what they do, which makes me sad.

Our bodies constantly send us signals about what feels right and what feels forced. When we understand them, our decisions become clearer and more aligned to what we want. The ultimate goal of Reflection Therapy is to align your life to who you are.

Everyone deserves to feel happy, supported, fulfilled, and passionate in their daily lives.

If you’re not in a position to afford session at this time, I offer plenty of healing advice in the Weekly Self Wellness Check-In Newsletter. I also answer one question for every person (DM us via Instagram).

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