Self-Activation Mentorship: Gifted Purpose & Business Alignment


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    Don’t know how to optimize your gifts or manage daily dysfunctional behaviors, such as overthinking, self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination? Sick of working hard, not feeling empowered, and not leaping into success? Struggling to let go, get unstuck or move forward? Don’t worry, we can fix this.

    It’s time to step into your gifted potential.

    This is my most powerful and exclusive Self-Activation coaching program. LIMITED: I only take on 4 mentorships per month, so each person gets my full attention and energy.

    This 4-week 1:1 Mentorship Program is designed for purpose-led professionals and experts who are ready to step into their Success Niche. This is a deep-dive, life-changing mentorship, where we confront your limiting belief systems, mental blocks, and dysfunctions in order to unlock your functional gifts. It is a complete realignment of your life and current trajectory, so you can step into your purpose, contentment, fulfillment, and success.

    Everybody is gifted. However, many people are stuck in dysfunctional modes, the wrong environments, or the wrong situations. This means they never see their gifts and are unable to activate them. This is like a plant that is wilting and growing stunted leaves, instead of blossoming and reaping beautiful flowers. In this mentorship, we will look at your Baseline Behaviors, and remove Trauma, Environmental & Systematic Behaviors that are blocking you. We redirect your energy from burnout behaviors into your gifted potential.

    We kick off this mentorship by committing to one major Purpose Power Play in your life. We will use a mix of the Human Design System, worksheets, reflection therapy, my self-activation methods, and other tools to guide your journey. Your Purpose Power Play might be starting your own business, doing deep work, moving country, fixing your relationships, or kick-starting your creative recovery.

    What it includes:

    • 4x 60-minute 1:1 sessions on zoom
    • Ongoing Telegram/Voxer support via voice notes and messages (this is the most powerful key and the only time I do this!)
    • A weekly email accountability check-in to summarize your breakthroughs and prepare for the next week’s focus
    • Free access to the Self-Activation Academy Community & DYS[functional] 6-module course

    This mentorship is for you if:

    • You struggle with daily dysfunctional behaviors, such as overthinking, anxiety, fear, people-pleasing, or distorted self-esteem
    • You have tried to make big changes in the past but it never works
    • You feel lost, stuck, or confused about which direction to take
    • You want to start a business or make a major play in some area of your life
    • You are plagued by self-limiting beliefs, even though you feel untapped potential inside
    • You lack passion, contentment or fulfillment in your life
    • You are stuck in a deep burnout mode, or regularly reach burnout in your daily life.
    • You struggle with your energy, productivity, and motivation

    During the course of this mentorship, we will also touch on my formulated Self-Activation Sequence:

    Week 1: Behavioral SWOT Analysis
    Uncover your strengths, skills, dysfunctions, and vulnerabilities, guided by your Human Design Chart.

    Week 2: Assess Your Energetic Burnout

    We look at where you are spending your energetic investments, and identify where you are getting a negative return on your investments.

    Week 3: Identify Your Scale of Dysfunctional Dualism

    We look at the dysfunctional and functional behaviors associated with your gifts, so we can start moving you along your dualistic scale to better outcomes.

    Week 4: Identify Your Optimal Goal-Setting Style

    We look at how we can start taking small but consistent steps out of your (dis)Comfort zone, and set up for your next Purpose Power Play.

    People have various reactions as they unravel themselves through a self-activation session. Some feel validated and give themselves permission to be who they are. Others immediately identify their behaviors or see pain points they know need changing. If you’ve already tried a variety of tools or therapies but still feel stuck or lost, let’s try to find what’s stopping you from moving forward.

    Self-Activation Mentorship: Gifted Purpose & Business Alignment
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