Your Interaction & Processing Style: Definition in Human Design

Definition refers to how you process things (how connected your internal energy is) and your interaction style (how you connect with others).

Single Definition

It is easier for you to make quick decisions than most people. Your consistent traits (defined centers) are connected and in communication with each other. This helps you process information faster.

This type can be prone to feel self-sufficient or self-contained without really needing to be with others. May be less inclined to seek out relationships or be quite independent in general.

Split Definition

It can be a struggle or take you longer than others to make decisions on your own. This is because it takes time for your body to internally connect and communicate. However, in the presence of certain people, you may feel decisions, talking, thinking, or other things become easier. They probably connect your energy split.

You may feel a constant pull or longing to be with another person or find a ‘missing’ half that completes you, makes you feel grounded, and helps you process information. Once you find them, you may not even feel a need to be around anyone else. This can be with anyone, friends, partners, or colleagues.

Triple Split Definition

You often need plenty of time to make decisions and talk them over with various people. Decision-making is harder with three divides between your consistent traits (defined centers), as it disrupts the flow and communication between your body. Spending time in groups or with various people helps you process information and make decisions faster.

It can feel difficult to feel satisfied with just one person who completes you or to spend all of your time with. You often seek out and enjoy various people’s company or activities, otherwise, you may feel unfulfilled, unscattered, or ungrounded at times. Only some 11% of people have a triple split.

Quadruple Split Definition

Decision-making is typically slow and you often need lots of time and freedom to process information. This is because you have four disconnected areas of energy in your body (around 1% of the population), meaning there is no flow or communication between your consistent traits (defined centers).

You don’t always feel a need or pull to be around others but often prefer to process things in your own time. You may be drawn to have close connections with a couple of people, who you enjoy and rely on to make decisions. It is rare to feel like a person completes you or that you overly feel a need to seek company.

No Definition (Reflectors)

Decisions take a long time until you feel sure. Reflectors are the only kind that has no connected energy, meaning their body’s processing abilities are not in communication. Instead, your environment plays an important role. You can make decisions easier around the right people and by giving yourself time to process the information correctly.

Reflectors go through phases of wanting to be with others and needing to be alone. You sometimes need to process things in your own space but still need connections with good friends and people to experience new things and flourish.

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