Your Strengths & Gifts: Gates in Human Design

¶ GATE 1: CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION – This creates a deep need to express yourself, identity, or style in everything you do. Skilled at new creations, concepts, and ideas. 

¶ GATE 2: DIRECTION OF SELF – Skilled and driven to turn your visions into reality, guided by an inner compass that always seems to know the right direction to success.

¶ GATE 3: ORDERING – Skilled at seeing through confusion and chaos to bring order and clarity to a situation, project, or person. Can help others break patterns, start new, or change.

¶ GATE 4: ANSWERS – Feels pressure to find theories, solutions, formulas, and patterns to create logical solutions or answers. Solves problems with methods and processes.

¶ GATE 5: FIXED PATTERNS – Habits, rituals or routines help you maintain momentum and productivity. You see ways to efficiency. If a routine is disrupted, it can break focus. 

¶ GATE 6: FRICTION – Skilled at deepening connections by working through friction and open conversations. Feels a need to create real bonds and closeness with others. 

¶ GATE 7: ROLE OF SELF – A natural leader who can easily support, influence, and provide direction to others. You lead and empower others by showing or nurturing their potential.

¶ GATE 8: CONTRIBUTION – May feel driven to contribute through your creations, lifestyle, or example, or by curating styles or trends. May fear rejection and avoid contributing.

¶ GATE 9: FOCUS – Ability to concentrate or zoom in on detailed tasks. You see improvements and what’s missing. May get stuck obsessing over little details that don’t matter. 

¶ GATE 10: LOVE OF SELF – You inspire others by being an empowered example, living your way, accepting your authentic self, honoring your needs, and enjoying life. 

¶ GATE 11: IDEAS – Has regular hits of unique ideas and new concepts. There are too many ideas for you alone, so discern what’s important and share with others to act upon. 

¶ GATE 12: CAUTION – Ability to communicate in an impactful, passionate, dramatic, or deep way that resonates with others. Says transformative things that impact people.

¶ GATE 13: THE LISTENER – Others naturally tell you their experiences, stories, and challenges. You help others with your insights collected from your own and others’ stories.

¶ GATE 14: POWER SKILLS – Ability to see and amplify the potential and skills in others. This helps groups, people, or situations move forward and generate wealth and power.

¶ GATE 15: EXTREMES – Ability to adjust and adapt to changing and extreme circumstances, making you resilient, fluid, and knowledgeable through your experiences.

¶ GATE 16: SKILLS – Ability to master a variety of skills, having energy to perfect them through repetition, practice, effort and dedication. Can feel driven by it or may reject it.

¶ GATE 17: OPINIONS – Ability to substantiate opinions by creating logical evidence. You recognize patterns and bring together opinions to create rational concepts and solutions. 

¶ GATE 18: CORRECTION – Ability to identify what is wrong and see various ways to correct, modify or improve it. May be a perfectionist or become overly critical of self or others.

¶ GATE 19: WANTING – You see what people, groups, or companies need to thrive. May self-sacrifice to meet the needs of others, or be sensitive to your needs not being met. 

¶ GATE 20: IN THE NOW – Ability to see, communicate or manifest the exact words, ideas or information in the moment. Says obvious truths that have a profound impact. 

¶ GATE 21: CONTROL – Skilled at controlling, managing, and building your own material resources, or for work, family or society, in a way that all benefit, survive, and succeed.

¶ GATE 22: GRACE – Charismatic, emotive, artistic, creative, or charming characters that can work a room in the right mood. May feel antisocial or dramatic in other moods. 

¶ GATE 23: ASSIMILATION – Skilled at breaking complex concepts into easier ones for people to understand. You can express innovative and transforming concepts or ideas.

¶ GATE 24: RATIONALIZATION – You need to ponder and rationalize things to see answers. You tend to revisit ideas and scenarios many times until you understand them.

¶ GATE 25: LOVE OF SPIRIT – Capacity for compassion, a fullness for life, a childlike innocence and joy, or pure and unconditional love. Your optimism gets you through life. 

¶ GATE 26: THE EGOIST – Ability to communicate in a way that persuades, resonates, and sells to your audiences. Should sell with integrity, truly believe it, and keep promises.

¶ GATE 27: CARING – Natural tendency to nurture and care for others, especially in need. May even feel a responsibility to care or improve lives, which can lead to over-giving. 

¶ GATE 28: STRUGGLE – Driven to face challenges, take risks, try new things, and push through struggles to find meaning and purpose. May think life needs to be a struggle.

¶ GATE 29: PERSEVERANCE – Strong perseverance to be committed, devoted, and follow through on what you agree to. Can get stuck trying to see bad commitments to the end.

¶ GATE 30: PASSION – Skilled at trying all kinds of things and experiences to feel them deeply and have new insight. May be intense, creative, passionate, or have strong desires.

¶ GATE 31: LEADERSHIP INFLUENCE – Natural leadership, influence, and authority, although may fear stepping into a leadership role. Naturally chosen by others to lead.

¶ GATE 32: DURATION – Ability to see viable options and up-level situations, projects, or communities by evaluating, navigating, and enduring the failures and successes.

¶ GATE 33: RETREAT – Ability to pull out stories and lessons from personal experiences and from others. Feels a strong need to retreat and reflect, which is how you process. 

¶ GATE 34: POWER – High energy and power to be busy, have multiple projects, and seek outlets for your natural charisma. Can be powerful bringing ideas into reality.

¶ GATE 35: CHANGE – You tend to seek new experiences and challenges so you can learn from them, gain new insight and advice, and share with others to inspire change.

¶ GATE 36: CRISIS – Ability to face and process crises, trauma, and emotional experiences in yourself and help others. You process deep emotional crises into insights.

¶ GATE 37: FRIENDSHIP – You are the glue of your circles, skilled to bring people together, create harmony, utilize their potential, and make all feel welcome. May self-sacrifice.

¶ GATE 38: THE FIGHTER – You feel pressure and resilience to find things worth fighting for, face adversity, and feel purpose. May constantly search for something to fight for.

¶ GATE 39: PROVOCATION – Says provoking or shocking things to push others to see past their current view of things or themselves. Can be for positive analysis or to trigger.

¶ GATE 40: ALONENESS – Ability to create, care for, and be central to your circles, groups, and communities. Feels pulled between wanting to support others and being alone.

¶ GATE 41: CONTRACTION – You tend to be artistic or add creative flair to everything you do. Can fantasize, envision, and imagine big things. Driven to fulfill big dreams. 

¶ GATE 42: GROWTH – Your tenacity and commitment help to finish and close cycles or see things to the end. Skilled at analyzing, growing, and completing things or cycles. 

¶ GATE 43: INSIGHT – Likes pondering and thinking, sees breakthroughs and alternatives to old ways of doing things. Your new perspectives can transform you and others. 

¶ GATE 44: ALERTNESS – Ability to see lessons from past experiences by identifying patterns, repeating mistakes, and what is worth repeating. This insight helps others.

¶ GATE 45: GATHERER – Natural ability to direct, lead, or manage people or the resources of family, companies, or groups in a way that helps grow and prosper.

¶ GATE 46: LOVE OF THE BODY – Ability to fully immerse and lose yourself in each experience with all senses and dedication. You fully live it and see useful and new insights.

¶ GATE 47: REALIZATION – Ability to make sense of past experiences, confusion, and various situations to have ‘aha’ moments or realizations of answers. Needs time to ponder.

¶ GATE 48: DEPTH – Natural ability to analyze in detail and create deep knowledge. Struggles with feeling inadequate and never knowing enough. Inclination to taste and design. 

¶ GATE 49: PRINCIPLES – Ability to help and care for others, especially if it matches your beliefs and values. Can sense what people or communities need and when to fight for it.

¶ GATE 50: VALUES – Ability to sense right or wrong in situations and fight for or establish norms, laws or values that ensure the care, welfare, and integrity of others.

¶ GATE 51: SHOCK – Ability to shock or provoke others into action and initiate change or impact. Can withstand intense experiences to help move beyond people’s comfort zones.

¶ GATE 52: STILLNESS – May feel pressure to find things to get stuck into and focus your energy on. This skill also leads to restlessness, looking for things to do, or overthinking. 

¶ GATE 53: BEGINNINGS – Always feels pressure to start and initiate new things, projects, or ideas. People admire your starter energy but it can lead to many unfinished projects.

¶ GATE 54: AMBITION – Feels inner drive to rise, ascend or improve your professional or personal position. Typically driven to work hard to be self-sufficient and provide.

¶ GATE 55: ABUNDANCE OF SPIRIT – Tends to be optimistic, feels the fullness of life, and enjoys abundance and life, not fearing lack. May switch between emotional moods.

¶ GATE 56: STIMULATION – Ability to explain your experiences and lessons learned, usually through stories that inspire, entertain, or provoke a reaction in others. 

¶ GATE 57: INTUITION – Instinctively knows what is good or can see potential threats in situations. Can sense the best course of action in the moment. 

¶ GATE 58: JOY OF LIFE – Feels pressure to improve and correct things, situations and people, especially if it stops someone from a better life or joy. Can become overly critical.

¶ GATE 59: SEXUALITY – Craves closeness and has skills to break through people’s barriers of intimacy. You search for the right bond to create something viable, deep, or fulfilling.

¶ GATE 60: LIMITATION – You feel pressured by and want to break through your limitations or old ways of doing things. You see new solutions once you transcend these limitations.

¶ GATE 61: MYSTERY – Feels a constant pressure to understand, reflect and mentally delve into unknown topics or concepts. Ability to create new insights and perspectives.

¶ GATE 62: DETAIL – Ability to mentally select and organize complex details to better understand data, situations, or concepts, and explain them in a clear and relatable way.

¶ GATE 63: DOUBT – Feels pressure to always question the validity of things and their effectiveness until all doubt is removed. Creates logical evidence and practical insights.

¶ GATE 64: CONFUSION – Feels pressure to order and organize past images, memories, or messages to make sense of something. Brings a new level of understanding.

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