Profile Line 4: The Opportunist

Line 4 people are great networkers and relationship builders. They have a great desire to form close relationships, bonds, and groups of people. They need to feel genuine friendship before any successful connection forms.

Personality Traits

  • You tend to be a friendly or charming person, who typically gets on easily with others.
  • You nurture and place great value on your closest people, which is important because your best contacts, partners, and projects will come from your circles or people you know. Your networks and connections will typically bring the best opportunities.
  • It is important to surround yourself with people that align with you; in the right circles, you will come into your authentic personality, grow and prosper. Your happiness relies on the quality of your friendships; you can feel sad or displaced when you don’t have a good group of friends.
  • The right friendships and sincere connections will come effortlessly, you won’t need to force them. When someone doesn’t like you, it is a sign they are not meant for you. Yet, Line 4 people easily fall into the trap of trying to win people over who don’t like them. But it’s important to let them go to avoid wasting energy on people that will unlikely warm to you.
  • You often like to take a central role in organizing or helping out your close circles. You usually bring them together by organizing dinners or events, or are the type of person to remember people’s birthdays or check in regularly to see that everyone is ok.


  • The importance of relationships creates a deep fear of rejection. To avoid being hurt or let down, you may push others away first or label them as bad to counteract the pain. It may cause you to quickly shut down into self-protection mode or suddenly withdraw from projects.
  • You may feel confused by a push-and-pull between feeling like you’re missing out on socializing with your circles and craving alone time. It is important to find a balance with your self-care.
  • It’s easy for you to invest all of your energy into your close circles, but you can burn out by over-giving or if there is no benefit or reciprocation. Focus only on fulfilling connections.
  • Your desire for close bonds can make you care or sensite to what others think of you. This can lead to excessive efforts to get them to like you. But this almost never works.
  • You often think you must do everything for others otherwise things won’t get done. You may feel like you don’t have support. If you release this control and let people in, it allows others to step up for you. It’s important to understand that others may not care in the same way you do.

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