Profile Line 1: The Investigator

You love to research things to a deep level. When you are really interested in a topic, you absorb numerous resources, courses, podcasts, videos, and books until you’re practically an expert. You are partly driven by a feeling that you still don’t know enough to go forward. Gathering information makes you feel calm and confident.


  • Your gift is your curious nature to research things to a deep level and share your in-depth and well-researched knowledge with others.
  • You are driven to learn because you need to fully understand a topic, thoroughly answer your questions, and fill in the gaps. This creates a unique, deep knowledge that not everyone has.
  • You excessively research whatever interests you. When you feel secure about that topic, you love to teach others and share what you’ve learned.
  • If you haven’t gathered enough information, you might feel that you are not an expert or knowledgeable enough to share. You may feel imposter syndrome.
  • Knowledge makes you feel secure. You need to figure out how things, people, and the world works to know how you feel about them. When you have this solid foundation, you feel secure that your information is sufficient and correct, and are confident in how you want to go forward. This might be researching every aspect of a holiday destination, finding out who is attending a dinner party, or taking time to get to know (‘research’) and trust someone.


  • You might feel inadequate or that you don’t know enough without copious research and information. This can create fear and paralysis in going forward. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to know everything to start or contribute your expertise or knowledge, whether it’s in a friendly or professional environment.
  • It is true that knowledge takes time to build and you will not be an expert straight away. But many line 1 people usually already have enough information, certifications, degrees, or other research to become an authority.
  • You may look to others to be the expert instead of trusting your own knowledge; you are likely the expert you are looking for.
  • Gathering information can be addictive. You should only research topics that you really feel a pull towards and sometimes have a limit, otherwise, research can become endless and overwhelming.

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