Profile Line 3: The Martyr

You typically learn through your experiences, trying new things, and experimenting until you find what works and doesn’t work for you. Line 3 people tend to have an adventurous streak or make bold moves. They usually go through more experiences than most – career changes, break-ups, travel, new starts – which can sometimes feel overwhelming or chaotic but they usually somehow get through.


  • You are an adventurer who is designed to experiment with life and share your lessons with others. It is not enough to read about it or have others warn you against something; you need to experience and learn things by doing them yourself.
  • You are designed to learn through trial and error, see what works and doesn’t work, and impart this knowledge to help others not make the same mistakes.
  • You are resilient to handle the highs and lows of these experiences, which would probably break the average person. You learn what needs to change or improve so you can advise others.
  • You are relatable, personable and constantly evolving; people love to live vicariously through you and will seek out your stories and lessons. It’s interesting to see the impact you can have when you start feeling confident to share.


  • Some may start to avoid experiences, relationships, or taking risks for fear of repeating failure or pain. Trust that each experience is not a mistake but your style of processing information, expanding your knowledge, and moving forward. You would have never known if you never tried.
  • Some people’s lives can become a rollercoaster of highs, lows, dead ends, heartbreaks, failures, or new starts. But they are designed to withstand this, so they can share the lessons with those less resilient. Some people may shut down to experimenting or new experiences, but then they may not gather the knowledge that could be key to their success.
  • Life may continue to give you the same experience until you learn the lesson; so reflecting and processing is key. It’s important to allow silence or retreat into your own space until you find clarity.

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