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Understand your unique strengths, needs, and personality traits based on your energetic make-up on the day you were born.

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Human design is complex and expensive. Our mission is to make it affordable and useful.

Our 15-page report is different to everything else:

  • It is concise yet full of essential information
  • It describes core traits and strengths
  • It is simplified to create your own interpretation
  • It is customized to your unique chart
  • It can change the way you see your life in 20-minutes

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full human design report
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The Five Human Design Types

Human design is the self-awareness tool that is widely used to help each of us understand our unique differences and strengths.

There are five energy archetypes in Human Design, each with their own set of behaviors, personality traits, and weaknesses. Click on your type for more information.


Initiators (9%)

Ideas people, innovators and leaders, who get impulses and energy bursts when a big idea strikes. Hates to be micromanaged and sensitive to rejection. Often feels misunderstood and ‘too much’ for people.


Creators (35%)

People who love to execute, build, and get things done. They feel energetic and happy when doing what they love. Can have frustrated bursts when they feel unhappy or stuck. Has a magnetic pull when excited.


Innovators (35%)

A combination type who loves to juggle between various hobbies, interests and passions. Gets bored easily and can move on quickly. Loves to create completely new concepts with various elements from their multiple interests.


Advisors (20%)

Has innate mental abilities to see deeply into things and identify what to improve and how to make it better. They love to give advice and are deeply hurt when people reject it. They have lower physical energy and tire easily.


Reviewers (1%)

Reflectors are rare and they often feel different or isolated to those around them. They can feel the energies of others and deeply understand people in a short time. They need lots of alone time to process things and recharge.

Optimizing Your Energy Type

The Human Design System shows us how we all function differently and thus need our own unique environments to thrive. It teaches us not to force what doesn’t come easily but to be guided towards what feels right according to each of us.

When we start making informed choices based on our individual personalities and strengths, we can all create our unique versions of optimal fulfillment, stimulation, and success.

Human design becomes an interesting self-awareness tool by giving us a base zero to compare ourselves. It is especially useful for those who do not feel energized, fulfilled, or supported for being their true self, or are struggling through a big decision or upcoming change.

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What You’ll Learn About Yourself

How to best use your energy and identify when you need rest

Your strengths, weaknesses, and inherent talents that come naturally

Your optimal environments for functioning, relaxing, digesting, and learning.

How your body signals what you sub-consciously want to decide