Profile Line 2: The Hermit

You are naturally talented at certain things and some skills come easily to you. You feel drawn out into the world when you can put your skills to good use, but otherwise prefer to be alone in your special zone where you can practice your skills.


  • Line 2 profiles are known for having natural talents, which come easily to them without really knowing why or how. They need to trust these skills.
  • People often seek out Line 2 people to share what they know, which can be overwhelming at times; when you don’t feel like sharing, it can make you feel shy or evoke your hermit side and want to retreat.
  • You are here to share your own unique point of view, opinions, gifts, talents, or perspective. It is not about learning more skills, knowledge or certifications; it is about going internally and coming up with your own version or perspective on things.
  • Your natural talent comes so easily and effortlessly, you might be oblivious to what it is or discount it as valuable or unique.
  • Follow whatever interests you and release the need to explain what you inherently know and do. Alone time can help you get clear on your thing and your perspective.


  • Alone time is important because this is when you get to follow your interests and work on your natural talents or gifts. You enjoy your own company.
  • You love to create a sanctuary, get into a zone, and focus on your interests; this is what influences your hermit or shy tendencies.
  • You don’t like interruptions because they stop you from getting into your zone; you may get frustrated when someone disrupts you or encroaches on your alone time.
  • It’s important to tell those around you and ask for alone time; be mindful and patient that others don’t operate like you and might not understand your need for space.

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