Profile Line 5: The Heretic

Others often see Line 5 people as being highly competent and tend to call them to help or in times of crisis. Line 5 may not receive much support because they appear to have everything under control. This can feel isolating because it feels like no one truly knows them or they have to wear a mask to please others. They may also hide their vulnerabilities to not disappoint people’s projections or expectations of them.


  • You have an innate gift for problem-solving and leading others through logical and practical solutions or truths.
  • People are naturally drawn to your ‘save-the-day’ and ‘all-knowing’ competence. You give off an impression that you are a reliable person who can do or fix anything.
  • People may see you as the ideal example of what they are looking for; the perfect partner, mentor, boss, employee, sibling, child, or friend. Many people will naturally be attracted to you, infatuated, or put you on a pedestal that you are going to deliver their needs.
  • Line 5 people make practical leaders, wise guides, teachers, and role models. They will look to you for answers and see you as an authority to guide them to where they need to go.
  • Some Line 5 people have innate gifts to listen and hold space to help others; they can help others heal, grow and transform in their personal or professional lives.


  • Although people are naturally drawn to you, you need to be selective about who or what you fix. You love to help and hate to not let people down. But when you don’t meet their expectations or fail to help, they can become deeply bitter and will be quick to turn on you. They may start to project negative perceptions of you. This can wound your confidence and reputation. It is important to communicate what you are willing and capable of doing and learning when to say no.
  • It can often feel like people aren’t pulled to you for who you are, but for what you can deliver or do for them. You may start to hide your true self to avoid others’ projections of you. However, you thrive when you are a leader or guiding others, so balance is key.
  • Line 5 can be very polarizing; people may worship and love them, or completely dislike or vilify them. It is a lifelong challenge not to believe what people say about you but to feel grounded in knowing who you are.
  • You also need others to hold space for yourself, accept support and be imperfect. You can’t always be a savior. The world is also increasingly craving equality and humble leadership.
  • The 5th line has a journey to learn to show their real self and vulnerabilities and break others’ projections of them. It is also about questioning whether they are hiding behind the projections because they like playing the hero.

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