Unlock Your Human Design: Full Summary Report


    This report is all about you. It explains your gifts, strengths, vulnerabilities, and optimal environments by looking at your unique energetic blueprint. Discovering your Human Design Type can help you boost your career, tap into your natural productivity and motivation, and feel more contentment and fulfillment in your life and relationships.

    This report covers each aspect of your unique Human Design. Get 15 pages of practical and in-depth insight into how your body functions best. You will understand yourself like never before, which is the key to unlocking your success niche, purpose, and gifts. This report shows you how to thrive, and move beyond merely functioning.

    In this customized full Human Design Report, you will learn about:

    • Your body’s energy type and decision-making signals (energy type, strategy, authority, not-self, signature)
    • Your personality traits and behaviors (profile and energy centers)
    • Your purpose in life (incarnation cross)
    • Your strongest skills (channels and gate)
    • Your Primary Health System (PHS or variables/arrows): Learn about your optimal digestion, environment, motivation, and perspective. See how to curate your surroundings to boost your brain and body function, as well as whether you thrive with routine and structure (left arrows) or without discipline (right arrows).

    This is the first step to learning about your unique strengths and how to avoid energetic burnout. You’ll be surprised at how accurately it describes you and helps you become aware of who you are.

    We understand that human design is typically expensive and complicated. Our mission is to make human design affordable and accessible, using concise yet understandable explanations. Once we receive your order, we will be in contact to organize your customized report.

    This report is also included in a 1:1 Self Activation Session.

    Prices are in USD.

    human design full report pdf
    Unlock Your Human Design: Full Summary Report
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