Life, Career & Relationship Human Design Reading


Many people are ready to confront what’s not working. But sometimes it is difficult to see the answers, define what we want, and see what changes we need to make. If you are feeling lost or keep getting the same results, this reading is for you.

If you’ve been struggling in any area of your life, career direction, or relationships, getting a personal audio reading will transform the way you understand yourself and see your next steps. It teaches you how to accept and manage your natural tendencies and transform them into superpowers.

What is a Life, Career & Relationship Human Design Reading?

This is a personalized 45-minute recording, all about how you function. I create the reading around your three main questions, using your human design chart to pull out behaviors and tendencies that you might be prone to repeat or are unable to see. I also use intuitive reflections and other tools to guide the message and pain points that need to be addressed first.

You will instantly identify with certain behaviors and themes that may have played out over your life, such as overthinking, anxiety, people-pleasing, and fears that stop you moving forward. By bringing these behaviors into your focus, this audio reading acts as a self-reflection journey to analyze your own behaviors and pinpoint what needs to change to improve your life, career, and relationships. This is the self-wellness check-up we all need at some point in our lives. It is designed to be a self-led activation audio.

Are You On Track?

Each reading is customized to your personal questions, which I will email you personally after making your booking. I invite you to be open about your current journey, so your human design reading can pinpoint exactly the messages you need to hear right now.

You can learn about numerous things:

  • if you are in energetic burnout
  • how to boost your energy and rest needs
  • your vulnerabilities, people-pleasing or self-sacrificing tendencies
  • potential areas for toxic cycles or repetitive behaviors
  • your need for alone time versus interaction time
  • how you best recharge and attend to self-care
  • how you interact with others
  • how to identify your positive and negative reactions
  • how to improve your communication
  • your strongest traits and niche success areas
  • your optimal home, work, digestion, learning, and productive environments

If you’re tired of feeling unseen or repeating the same patterns, this can be the necessary revelation to stop giving away your energy and emotions to the wrong situations and relationships.

If you are familiar with human design, the reading is done by the Reflector type, which is designed to uncover blindspots that stop people moving forward (get to know me).

This package includes up to two hours of preparation time, a 45-minute recorded video, a follow-up email for final reflections, plus a full summary 15-page human design report. Prices are in USD.

life relationship career human design reading
Life, Career & Relationship Human Design Reading
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