Quick Check-In: Personal Guidance Reading


What are the messages you need to hear right now? What should you focus on? What is stopping you from getting clarity on which step to take next? What goals should you set?

Many people feel lost as to where, how, or what to start. If that sounds like you, a 15-minute Personal Guidance Reading will give you the insight you need into your life, career and relationships. It combines a mix of your unique human design traits, intuitive reflections, and a personal card reading that will be centered around your three most pressing questions, pain points, or challenges.

What is a Personal Guidance Reading?

This is a 15-minute personalized reading, all about you. This reading is ideal for people who are struggling, looking for direction, or don’t know how to move forward. Get ready to dive deep into how you can create a life where you thrive in 2024.

Your personalized reading can cover a range of questions:

  • How to align your life, career, and relationships to your unique energetic makeup
  • Your inherent gifts, natural talents, and success niche
  • Your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and tendencies to repeat toxic patterns
  • What’s affecting your motivation and productivity
  • Your role and purpose in life
  • Your optimal learning, diet, environment, and discipline to feel better
  • How to listen to your body to make better decisions
  • How astrological transits will affect your human design

You can get insight into how your characteristics, gifts, and energy work together. In this unique analysis, we uncover what makes you unique and special, and how to use these strengths to make better decisions, while staying afloat of your weaknesses.

Once you have ordered your reading, we will be in contact via email to collect your birth details and invite you to share where you are at in your life journey. This way, your audio can give you the exact advice you need to hear right now. If you’re ready to move forward or make a big change in your life, this reading is for you.

Prices are in USD.

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Quick Check-In: Personal Guidance Reading
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