Ep #3: Why Are You Tired: Are You In Energetic Burnout?

Do you have these symptoms of energetic burnout? We talk about the causes and how to assess if you’re stuck in burnout mode.

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It is difficult to spot energetic burnout because it shows up differently for every person.

Being tired or exhausted are not the only symptoms. Energetic burnout can look like so many things. In this podcast, we look at the symptoms so you can assess if you are in energetic burnout and what that means for you.

Maybe you’re stuck in energetic burnout. I talk about the main symptoms, so you can assess if you are in energetic burnout.

You can also take the Energetic Burnout Quiz, which helps you calculate your level of burnout.

If you’re following with your human design:

  1. Consistent Energy Types: Generator and Manifesting Generator / Inconsistent Energy Types: Manifestor, Projector and Reflector
  2. Type A: Left arrows / Type B: Right arrows on your chart (variables)
  3. Environment (PHS factors of your human design)

If you don’t know your human design chart, you can generate a free chart here

If you think you might be in energetic burnout, feel free to contact me or book a session here.

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