8 Hardest Life Questions To Answer

Last week, I asked you to look at your ‘niggle,’ the area in your life that provokes discomfort, discontent, or disquiet.

Each of our stories is different but the niggle has the same message: We are ignoring what we need to change.

Many of us ignore the niggle for decades (me included). Usually, when the niggle gets too loud, we just use LOUDER distractions: alcohol, drugs, partying, gaming, socializing, dating, food, fanaticism (religion, sport, gym)… We’ve each got a thing and yes, most people are addicted to it and driven by guilt, even ‘healthy’ obsessions, like zero body fat.

With time, the discomfort starts to get physical – illness, disease, breakdowns, depressive and hopeless states, immune problems, feeling emotional, feeling lost, excessive self-doubt, emotional swings, and generally just being anxious about every little thing in life… It’s exhausting. 

We so easily reach for these coping mechanisms rather than face the niggle once and for all and find our inner peace and power. So, why do we ignore the niggle? Because it’s hard to know how or where to even start. Because, quite frankly, who has the time for an existential crisis?

The truth is that the hardest path is the quickest – once you fix it, you don’t repeat it for a lifetime. But to get there, we first need to take a detour through our deep, dark Abyss of Baggage.
But you’re here because you are ready to confront what’s not working. You are ready to change.

This is what the niggle is asking you. It is asking you to weigh up where you sit on the simplest but 8 Hardest Life Questions:

  • Does my life reflect my quirks and who I am?
  • Am I doing what I really want?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What makes me fulfilled?
  • Do I feel naturally passionate, productive, and motivated?
  • Do I feel that my version of success comes easily?
  • Do I feel loved and accepted for who I am?
  • Do I love and accept who I am?

Maybe some of these questions are already jumping out at you. But you don’t need to solve the problem yet – just acknowledging it is the first big step. This week, allow yourself to sit with it and ponder it.

The next question to face is: Who or what is stopping these things? (*Spoiler alert: it’s you).

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