What Is Your Niggle Telling You?

Many of us have that niggle. That little slither of discontent, discomfort, or disquiet. A deep knowing that something is not right. A yearning that life could be more, or you could be more.

So many of us are happy but ‘not quite’ happy. We tolerate jobs that are not our dream. Our relationships are comforting but we crave to be seen, heard, understood or appreciated more. We operate with burnout, overthinking, and stress as our norm. We feel unused power or passion sitting dormant inside of us.

That is to say, so many of us are functioning but we are not thriving.

Many of us still force ourselves into lives, systems, and relationships that don’t work for us. This makes us tired and stops us from stepping into our most powerful and successful self.

Sometimes we try to hush ourselves. We ‘should’ be happy. We ‘should’ practice gratitude. But sometimes gratitude just doesn’t cut it.

Most people try to quieten the discomfort by pushing it under distractions, bingeing, swiping, scrolling, anxieties, obsessions, and endless streams of goals and achievements. We so easily reach for these coping mechanisms rather than confront the niggle once and for all.

Each of our reasons is different but the message is the same: Something needs to change.

What is your niggle asking you to confront? What truth or change are you avoiding?

This itself is a big step. It is hard to sit with our problems when we don’t know how to fix them (yet!) Identifying and naming our problems is something we do not celebrate enough. So congratulate yourself for getting this far.

Next, we will start looking at how to make this your biggest year yet. How? By finally confronting the niggle, one small change at a time.

If you have lost your direction, let me help you uncover your niggle in a $24-for-2024 Reading, where I will share your most important messages using human design, intuitive reflections, and a card reading.

In the meantime, skip ahead to when we unravel what’s behind your niggle by answering the “8 Hardest Life Questions.”

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