Cupid Can’t Help If You Don’t Have Self-Love

If I were cupid and I shot an arrow, when the person starts looking who it belongs to, I would yell, “It’s YOU! You’re your greatest love story!”

Because let’s face it, cupid and St Valentine’s can’t help if you don’t have self-love first.

In fact, if you don’t have self-love, it’s possible you will also attract people who don’t love themselves and won’t know how to love you either.

If you are single today, celebrate that you chose to love YOU, to dedicate space to YOU, to provide for YOU, to support YOU, and hopefully, most of all, to love YOU.

If you need a pick-me up today, you’re going to love my ‘Self-Love Valentine’ video. Then go and write your own messages and stick them where you can see them. You deserve all of your self-love.

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