Ep #2: Managing Your Worst Behaviors & Outbursts: The A++ Approach

It is almost impossible to suppress our natural emotions, triggers, and outbursts. Instead, we need to understand what our outbursts are telling us and how to manage our less-desirable reactions.

In this podcast, we look at what it means to learn to act with Awareness, Acceptance, and Accountability (A++) when managing our emotions and reactions.

Listen to “Don't Suppress Emotional Outbursts! Try This A+++ Approach Instead” on Spreaker.

Human design shows us that certain negative traits (or not-self) are inherent, depending on your human design type:

  • Generators and Manifesting Generators = Frustration
  • Manifestors = Anger
  • Projector = Bitterness
  • Reflector = Disappointment

If you don’t know your human design type, generate a free chart here: https://selfwellnessproject.com/find-your-energy-type/

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