Reflector Strategy: Myths About Waiting a Lunar Month

So, Reflectors are meant to wait one lunar month (around 28 days) to make decisions. Did you cry when you read that you must wait a full moon cycle for decisions? Me too.

It is 1000% impractical, am I right? Or is it?

How can you move slow in a fast world? I’ve discovered that there are nuances to what that means.

Myths About Waiting a Lunar Month

  1. Not every decision needs a full month, like daily or less significant decisions. But for big life changes, give yourself as long as possible. The idea is to ponder a decision over your various moods, feelings, and states of being.
  2. If you can’t wait a full month, leave the decision until the last moment possible. You can also talk out or soundboard your decisions to yourself or a friend. Talking without thinking helps you piece together your thoughts. See how and what you say in the moment.
  3. If a decision has been on your mind for some time, you may find that you can act quickly when the right moment comes.
  4. Some decisions will take longer than a month. The key is to look for clarity. If you are still unsure, maybe it is not time.
  5. Although a month may feel like a long time, it can help you move faster because you only act on the most vital steps and don’t waste energy on ideas that go nowhere.

The Art of Initiating Ideas In Advance

  • Quick decisions are stressful for reflectors. Reflectors are often indecisive and need time to ponder ideas and thoughts because they change their mind a lot. You will likely feel discomfort when forced to rush anything. The more time you have to discard your numerous options, the better the ultimate decision. So it helps to maintain an ‘idea initiation’ process, where you continually initiate ideas and decisions well in advance of having the make the decision.
  • The longer you allow for a big decision or new idea, the more it will be well thought out and the ‘noise’ will whittle away. This requires some pre-planning. Try to process ideas well in advance of your deadline. ie. if you know you want to travel, change careers, or buy new furniture, start pondering a variety of ideas several months before taking the plunge. Then when the right opportunity will come, you will be prepared.
  • If you have mostly right arrows on your chart, you might prefer a flexible, passive idea processing, like talking with others, abstract planning, or bringing ideas to your mind to reconsider them. If you have mostly left arrows, you might prefer focusing in on your ideas, such as writing them down or creating lists.

Weekly Reflection: Which quick decisions have gone horribly wrong? Which decisions no longer seem important after waiting?

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