Manifesting Generator Strategy: Myths About Responding

Hello dear Manifesting Generator! You are the innovators and super humans of the world!

But Manifesting Generators are meant to ‘respond’ to the world around them. Your body will tell you what is the best decision for you. Otherwise, you waste energy and end up frustrated (who’s been there?).

So, what does it mean that you should only ‘respond’? Are you meant to just sit back and do nothing?

3 Myths About ‘Responding’

  1. You don’t need to ‘wait around’ to respond. Your body is constantly responding to the world around you, when you browse online, scroll social media, talk with friends, or go for a walk. The key is not to invest energy or chase something until you get a response.
  2. When you get a full-body or strong gut excited ‘response’, that’s when you know it’s a hell yes for you. Weaker, unsure, or maybe responses are a no.
  3. If you have nothing to ‘respond’ to, get someone to ask you ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. You might even practice and feel an excited response pulling you towards small decisions, like what you want to eat, do, or wear.

But how do you tell a real ‘response’ from a fake one?

What ‘Responding’ Feels Like

  1. The most important tip: your ‘gut response’ is black and white. If it’s not an absolute and strong  ‘yes,’ consider it a ‘no.’ Weaker, ‘maybe’ and unsure responses are no.
  2. It can feel like an excited hit in your gut or an energetic buzz. Your eyes might spark or you sit forward in excitement. Look for how your body reacts to things that you are passionate about.
  3. You may get other hints in your body to confirm your decision, especially sounds like ‘uh-huh’ (yes) or ‘uh-uh’ (no), or a feeling of expansion (yes) versus restriction or contraction (no).
  4. Some people are ‘emotional’ authority, and should wait a day or more to make sure it’s not an emotional decision.

Weekly Reflection: What does your full body response feel like? Get people to ask you yes and no questions to test it, such as what you want to eat or if you want to do an activity.

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