Projector Strategy: Myths About Waiting For An Invite

Projectors often feel frustrated by having to ‘wait for an invitation’ to do something.

How are you meant to be successful?

3 Myths About ‘Waiting for an Invite’

  1. You don’t need an invitation if it doesn’t involve someone else. You can use your other senses to follow your interests and build your skills, such as your intuition, cognitive sense, profile type of learning, or other aspects in your chart.
  2. Modern interpretations of human design recognize that Projectors may need to ‘be seen’ in order to ‘be invited’. For example, posting on social media about your services or sending a job application so people can choose (invite) to work with you.
  3. With close connections, you may create an ‘open invitation’ or subconsciously know that you can freely share your advice and thoughts. Sometimes an invitation can be energetic, such as someone leaning in to hear more, or a quick nod to continue speaking.

Are you stuck waiting for an invitation?

Mastering The Art of Projector Invitations

Projectors are meant to wait until they are invited before committing to something. But is this a formal invitation? It seems impractical. What does an ‘invitation’ look like?

  • Not all invitations need to be verbal. You might sub-consciously know that close family, partners, and friends are always open to your suggestions. If in doubt or with sensitive topics, you can do a quick check i.e. do you mind if I share my opinion?
  • Invitations come in all forms and can be informal. It might be a referred client asking about your services, it might be a friend calling for help. It might be a nod, eager look, or expectation that you share your POV in a conversation or meeting.
  • You don’t have to accept every invitation. Your ‘inner authority’ is the second step in your decision-making process. Your body might confirm with an intuitive ‘knowing’ or a bad emotional feeling to not proceed.

If the invitations aren’t coming, what can you do? Uncover your strongest skills and interaction needs with a personalized audio reading.

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