Projector Superpowers

Hello dear Projector!

Sometimes it feels debilitating to be a Projector, waiting around for invitations and people to appreciate you. But this is how you save your energy!

Once someone recognizes your superpowers, they see what a gift it is to receive advice from a Projector.

This is key to your success and not feeling rejected or resentful that no-one listens.

Projector Superpowers

  1. You can see deeply into situations, people or projects and pinpoint exactly what isn’t working. This is a great superpower in times of crisis.
  2. You see how to improve things or make them more efficient. You might not realize this is a skill because sometimes it seems so obvious – but this is a unique insight that others don’t see
  3. Your advice has the power to change people’s lives and guide companies to success. They will leave your presence one step ahead.

That’s just from being a Projector!

Your gates and profile lines reveal more gifts and skills. If you’re interested in learning about yours, book a personalized audio reading.

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