Generator Superpowers

Hello dear Generator!

It can feel frustrating having to choose between your passions and responsibilities. But it’s important to remember: your superpowers only come out when you do what you love. Sometimes, you have to make the selfish choice to do what’s best for you.

Then things really start to happen…

Generator Superpowers

  1. You are the only type with consistent energy, so when you’re excited about a project, you can really push it forward and energize others around you. You are here to build and create.
  2. Your energy is magnetic – you may notice that people are naturally drawn to you. When you’re excited or enjoying something, others feel the same.
  3. You have consistency and energy to build up skills and become an expert in the industry, hobby, or passion project you love. You can become a superstar in your niche area.

That’s just from being a Generator!

Your gates and profile lines reveal more gifts and skills. If you’re interested in learning about yours, book a personalized audio reading.

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