Manifesting Generator Superpowers

Hello dear Manifesting Generator!

It can feel disconcerting that you bounce between so many interests, get bored quickly, or constantly want to start new things.

But your path just looks different to everyone else’s.

Because that’s exactly how you tap into your superpowers and find success.  

Manifesting Generator Superpowers

  1. The Generator side is the only type with consistent energy, so when you’re excited about a project, you can move it forward and energize others to get involved. This energy is magnetic – you may notice that people are naturally drawn to you and get excited when you get excited.
  2. You can pick up and master new topics faster than others, which is why you get bored quickly and want to start the next thing. It doesn’t mean you’re a quitter or flaky, it’s because you move faster than the rest of the world.
  3. You have a huge capacity to juggle multiple interests and combine various aspects into something completely new. You see innovations others don’t and can pivot quickly with your solutions.

That’s just from being a Manifesting Generator!

Your gates and profile lines reveal more gifts and skills. If you’re interested in learning about yours, book a personalized audio reading.

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