Manifestor Strategy: Myths About Informing

Hello dear Manifestor!

Manifestors are the only energy type who don’t need help to initiate things. That’s why they get strong impulses to run off and do things right away!

Sometimes you might forget to tell people and wonder why it creates friction. This is why it helps to inform others what you are doing.

3 Myths About Informing

  1. Informing doesn’t mean asking for permission or for someone’s opinion. You are meant to be independent. It’s about making people feel included to support you.
  2. Sometimes Manifestors purposely don’t inform because they think people will slow them down or stop them. But the more support you have, the less friction you create to go faster.  
  3. Manifestors need to communicate their needs (inform) in all relationships. Open communication makes your life easier, especially when you need to compromise with other responsibilities.

Weekly Reflection: If you’re feeling tension or friction, see if you have been properly informing those around you. Inform anyone who it may affect!

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