Dealing with Holiday Emotions

Any major holiday is so emotionally charged. There is heightened nervous excitement, planning, socializing, and expectations, the perfect ingredients for Major Meltdowns. It’s a toss of the coin each year to see which side it lands.  

It’s also a great time to reflect on who we are. It’s one of those  ‘Base Zero Zones,’ where you have been regularly throughout your life and can see what changes each time. We see how much we’ve grown, which triggers are still there, what didn’t change, or what we did or didn’t achieve.

It can be difficult to take this deep look at ourselves, especially around something as touchy as family or as final as an ‘end-of-year’ personal assessment. Yet these triggers, conflicting emotions, and reflections reveal so many answers if we are ready to spend a moment with them.  

This is also the upside of knowing your own and your family’s human design (you can get a free report for each member here). You can laugh off some of their behaviors, and allow yourself to accept your behaviors, too. You can assess where you might be succumbing to old patterns, such as people-pleasing, being agreeable, avoiding emotions, or not standing up for what you believe or what reflects who you are.

These are just some reasons that contribute to hiding parts of ourselves. But nobody can ever get to know the real you if you never show them. So, what’s one small change you can do these holidays? How can you show a bit more of your true self?

If you’ve been struggling through holiday emotions, I offer 1:1 Reflection Therapy which can be a great space to process what’s going on. Otherwise, I hope you find a million things to be grateful for this holiday and celebrate how far you’ve already come.

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