Getting Through Your Darkest Times

We tend to have negative connotations towards getting stuck in a bad phase of life. Rather than embrace the darkness, we try to avoid it or hope no-one notices. This guilt and shame keeps people from moving forward or reaching out for help.

But our life is not defined only by our positive achievements. We do not need to hustle our healing. We do not always have to achieve goals. We are allowed to give ourselves permission to sit with our darkness, nothingness, grief, or melancholy. It’s ok to not be ok.

Many fear darkness because it is directionless and we can’t see anything. But this is part of the process of finding the next answer. It is okay to feel lost, otherwise, we wouldn’t look for something better. In darkness, we see where the light is coming from.

The dark space is full of opportunity once you process the painful side of it. It can be a peaceful time: No pressure, no boundaries, no expectations. Just a blank slate, where broken dreams can start to heal and grow tendrils in every direction.

If you’ve been feeling lost or stuck recently, maybe you need more time to sit with it.

Ask yourself if you are:

  1. In a time of processing, healing, or understanding who you are
  2. There are parts of yourself you are having difficulty to face, accept or love
  3. You are stressed about choosing the right path or fearful to experiment without achieving an outcome
  4. Feeling overwhelmed by the entire process that you can’t see the next achievable step
  5. Trying to rebuild while still suffering from energetic or emotional burnout
  6. Overcome by guilt, shame, or an inability to forgive yourself or someone else.

If you’re struggling to get back up, maybe you’re not ready. Clarity – or that light bulb moment – will come with space and time.

As we count down to the end of the year, let’s embrace our periods of nothingness and the gift of uncertainty. Perhaps something truly new and unique will be born from that dark space as we cruise our way into 2024.

If you’ve been struggling to find direction or are feeling burnt out, just respond to this email to see if a 1:1 Life Alignment and Purpose Session could help guide you.

No matter your journey this year, I hope you find a million reasons to celebrate how far you’ve already come. This is the year to start recognizing our Non-Achievements, too.

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