Celebrating Your List of “Non–Achievements”

Whenever we come to the end of another year, people start to judge whether or not they can feel proud about their year’s accomplishments. But what if you didn’t make six figures, didn’t find the love of your life, or didn’t become the best version of yourself?

The problem with this mindset is that we do not give enough credit to the behind-the-scenes work of The Big Achievements – a whole lot of little “Non-Achievements” that never get their 15 seconds of fame.

Instead, people set big goals then beat themselves up for not reaching them. They try to juggle huge life changes, learn new skills, start new businesses or careers, and rewire deep-set negative belief systems and traumas – all at the same time (including myself). They try to hustle their healing and milestones, always thinking they are behind.

We need to give more value to deep emotional work and life changes. Even a small habitual change takes a huge amount of energy and adaption. Major life changes can take years to fully integrate.

So, for my end-of-year, I’m celebrating all of my Non-Accomplishments, which took months of small behavior changes, mental energy, physical energy, and emotional energy.

What’s your list?

My Non-Accomplishments:

  • Sat with some generational family trauma
  • Made some small and big habitual changes
  • Analyzed my anxious attachment behaviors
  • Set some boundaries – and stuck to them
  • Starting asking myself: what do I want?
  • Stopped over-apologizing or being over-grateful for small gestures
  • Stepped back from situations where I wasn’t fully appreciated or accepted
  • Put myself in new situations to encourage new possibilities
  • Said no and processed the consequences of that
  • Starting listening more to my body
  • Realized I don’t have to fix anyone else’s problems, except my own (as if that isn’t enough)
  • Started celebrating all the small steps
  • Learned to accept, “I don’t know,” and “This doesn’t matter,” as answers
  • Spent at least one day a week doing something I enjoyed, something new, completely alone, or in complete rest and recharge mode
  • Rewired my brain that doing nothing is doing something
  • Redefined my personal needs and energy levels
  • Tried new approaches to tackle overthinking and negative thought patterns
  • Worked on calming down my flight and fight responses

What did you work through this year that deserves more value?

If you’ve been struggling with your Non-Accomplishments or are ready for a Big Accomplishment, book a 1:1 Life Purpose & Alignment Session to take your transformation to the next level. This will ensure you take the right steps forward.

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