Profile Lines 6/2: The Role Model / Hermit

Your profile (Line 6/Line 2) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

You often feel a pull between needing to be alone versus wanting to live out and experiment with your ideas. In your mid-years, you may especially feel pulled to retreat. You are naturally good at certain things and you build these skills easily. People often call on you to use your skillset, which you can really push to a new level through trial and error. This type may sometimes trend towards being a more reclusive role model, living an unconventional life that others admire, even if they are not aware of it.

Profile 6/2: The Exceptional Example

This type builds up their natural skills, intelligence, or talents through trial and error. Over their life, they grow their skills through new experiences and bigger opportunities. This type tends to be seen as wise, proficient, and always absorbing information. You may be invited into new projects as others start to recognize your skills and seek out your unique mix of lived knowledge and ability to deliver to a high standard.

This type tends to have high expectations of themselves and others, usually becoming the role model of the person they wished existed. You may often do things yourself or take charge, be reluctant to delegate, or not trust that people do things as well as you. These high standards can put pressure on yourself and your relationships, as you may start to micromanage or feel irritated when things are not to a standard. But this type often does achieve big goals and juggles many things, although they need to honor their hermit side that needs alone time to recharge.

This type tends to experience three stages in life. Up to the age of 30, you may try many ways to use your innate gifts without much success, although you build up many experiences. At 30, your body may feel a pull to retreat, rest and observe others as you take a step back. This is also a time to build on your natural skills and learn how to use them to your best advantage. From 50 onwards, you will know exactly how to guide or help others with it and achieve better success.

Personality Traits of the 6/2 Profile

  • This profile usually has a niche talent or something that comes so easily, they don’t realize it is a skill few people do. They often like to spend long periods alone so they can extensively explore and expand on these skills.
  • You are skilled at experimenting with new ideas, lifestyles, and experiences to see different or new ways of doing things that other people are hesitant to try. You have great resilience to keep trying new things until you find what really works. 
  • As you build your experiences and natural talents over time, people will increasingly seek out your unique skills. This is a niche where you can find success helping others.
  • Throughout your life, and especially after your 30s, you will feel pulled towards your hermit side and crave alone time. This helps process your sometimes painful experiences and build your knowledge. People will value your particular skill-set and advice, especially after your 50s.


  • It’s important not to label your experiences as mistakes but how you process something until you understand it and learn what you would do different next time.
  • You love being in your hermit zone and may snap at people who interrupt you or feel your negative response rise up more often. You need this alone time to recharge, learn what didn’t work last time, and how push your talents to the next level.


  • Your experiences may lead to many new starts, which can sometimes be a lot to handle. It can cause people to avoid experiences or go deep into their hermit space because it gets too overwhelming. But this also stops learning and growth.

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