Profile Lines 5/2: The Heretic / Hermit

Your profile (Line 3/Line 5) relates to personality traits, approach to life, and niche knowledge areas.

You enjoy your alone time but often get called upon by people to help them in a moment of crisis. You are naturally skilled and people feel that you can really help them. But you have to be motivated enough to help, otherwise, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone expanding your skills and natural talents.

Profile 5/2: The Reluctant Hero

This type is a natural problem-solver and fixer, usually called out by others who see how your natural talents and skills can help them. Sometimes you may feel flattered by the offers, people, and projects that come your way, but it’s important to evaluate each one to make sure you don’t over-promise or over-extend yourself. Otherwise, people are quick to turn on your when you don’t meet their expectations or help them.

This type tends to be naturally gifted, intelligent, or have certain skills that come easily. They don’t often recognize their talents or skills as valuable, although others could probably tell you. Understanding, valuing, and nurturing your natural talents is typically the first challenge, as you may often question your abilities. But once you recognize your own genius, others start to see it too and will open up more opportunities to use your skills for success.

You may often feel a pull between wanting to be alone to do the things that interest you, and helping people who seek you out or make you feel needed and important. But your introvert time is how you recharge, so balance is key.

When the right moment, person, or project comes, you have the potential to offer practical and effective solutions in times of crisis, change, or transition. Solutions based on your innate talents, which, having been cultivated over the years through the correct calls, is a talent that will attract others and make them seek you out.

Personality Traits of a 5/2 Profile

  • You are great at problem solving and seeing solutions. People often call on you for your skill-set to save the day.
  • You sometimes crave to be the hero and help. Other days, you want to crawl into your comfort zone and be alone.
  • You have natural talents or skills that come so easily, you may not even see them as unique or something worthwhile.
  • You love building your skills but people keep calling you out of your zone to help them. They usually see how your particular talents or skills are perfect for them; they may even project ideals or expectations on you, seeing you as the perfect partner, problem-solver, or employee for them.


  • You love to close yourself off from everything and be in your own zone. This alone time is important because you can finally dive in and practice what you love to do. You sometimes get irritated when people interrupt or stop you.
  • Your shy side can make you wary of which people to help. If there isn’t enough self-motivation, you will probably prefer to stay in your hermit zone. This is important because you aren’t meant to solve everyone’s problems.


  • Identifying what you are naturally good can be hard; you might not consider your skills as special or doubt how good you are. Ask people around what they think your talent is.
  • It’s better to be selective on who or what you fix. You love to help and may feel pressured to not let them down. But people get sore if you can’t meet their expectations. This wounds your confidence and reputation and you might retreat. Check first that you have the skills to help and that it excites you.

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