Profile Lines 5/1: The Heretic / Investigator

Your profile (Line 5/Line 1) relates to personality traits, approach to life, and niche knowledge.

You have a talent for seeing solutions when everything else fails. You love to research things and build your knowledge on things that interest you. You feel more confident about decisions when you have as much information as possible. Your deep knowledge is a gift because not many people research as you do. This knowledge helps you see well-measured and calculated steps to improve a person, situation, or crisis. You sometimes feel a pull between wanting to be alone to investigate and wanting to be out there helping people.

Profile 5/1: The Knowledged Problem-Solver

People tend to see you as the competent one and often come to you for advice, ask you to take on projects or extra tasks, or seek help in a crisis. Usually, you do how to help because behind your shy surface lie hours of research and knowledge. The advice and solutions you offer to others are usually well-researched and educated.

When people call on you to help, you love to respond and your extroverted and competent side comes out. But it is important to only take on things you want and can actually do otherwise people get disappointed when you fail their expectations. You may often feel that you have to live up to people’s expectations of you or what they ask of you. This type often feels that no one really knows them, that they may need to sacrifice their needs, or that they can’t show their vulnerable side.

You tend to enjoy alone time and introspection so you can dive into new topics or investigate niche interests. You similarly question people or situations until you understand them from every angle.

The depth of your knowledge combined with your problem-solving abilities is unique. Although, this type tends to suffer from imposter syndrome or not acknowledge that their level of knowledge is already above the general standard. Others will benefit once you start being confident to share what you know.

Personality Traits of a 5/1 Profile

  • You typically have a curious nature and love to research and learn a topic from every angle. This helps you feel secure about a decision or your expertise.
  • Through your deep understanding of something, you start to see innovative solutions that can really help people, companies or systems change.
  • Your deep foundation of knowledge makes you a great problem-solver, teacher, and guide. You can use your extensive knowledge to see new ways or solutions that help people, companies, and systems improve.
  • You may feel pulled between people asking you to help them and craving alone time to investigate more. It’s important to honor both.


  • You have a talent to bring together well-researched and well-thought out solutions. People will call on you to solve their problems, and your great depth of knowledge will create a potentially new way of seeing something.
  • Follow the topics that pull or interest you most; this will start building the knowledge and foundational base you can eventually use in your life, career, or in problem-solving.


  • Some people may feel insecure that they never know enough and need more research or certifications. It’s important to value your knowledge; you may already be expert enough to step into your passion or a related career.
  • Sometimes you will need to say no to helping people. When you can’t help people or meet their expectations, it affects your confidence and you might retreat into your insecurities. Not every problem is for you to solve, only ones that align with what you love to research and are skilled at.

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