Profile Lines 4/6: The Opportunist / Role Model

Your profile (Line 4/Line 6) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

You tend to be a friendly person who makes connections wherever you go. You may feel a constant pull between wanting to socialize and being alone. You have probably had a few mishaps and big experiences in your life, but you learned some valuable lessons and made improvements. People in your close circles often look to your example and use your unique insights to inspire or help them. Your connections are important to you and you often spend more effort than most on maintaining your relationships. Your unconventional life tends to make you a role model for your network or those around you, even if you’re not aware of it sometimes.

Profile 4/6: The Authentic Influencer

This type tends to be friendly and makes people feel included and valued. Close and real relationships are important to them. They tend to be at the center of bringing people together, organizing things, or helping people they know.

Your relationship-building skills are important because this is how you attract attention to your character, skills, concepts, and way of life. You tend to receive job offers, opportunities, and even relationships from people you know, or after creating a friendship first.

Your best insights come from your various experiences throughout life, which are usually way beyond what most people are willing to do. It’s important to value this as useful insight and appreciate your resilience to always get back up.

This type tends to go through three stages, experimenting and having various experiences before 30, then feeling a need for stability, retreating, and reflecting on what they really want to do. They really find their niche and authority later in life, from the age of 50 onwards. They are late bloomers whose best insights come from what they learn along the way, and by trialing everything themself. They tend to be an inspiration or guide others in their circles with their experiential knowledge and authentic personality.

Personality Traits of a 4/6 Profile

  • You often feel torn between wanting to socialize and be alone.
  • This profile type tends to have an adventurous, risky, or daring side that loves new experiences. You learn best by doing it yourself, which has probably taken you through a few trials and errors, heartbreaks, and new starts, especially before 30.
  • You tend to be naturally friendly and prefer deep and lasting relationships. Superficial connections don’t work for you.


  • Real connection helps you feel comfortable and this is when you shine; your best career opportunities or relationships have probably come from people you know.
  • After your 30s, you might feel a pull to retreat or slow down to find stability, family, healing, or to process your various life experiences. It can feel like whiplash from your previous experimental self and may even feel depressive.
  • This is usually a time of sifting through what didn’t work and making some big life changes. Some people admire your unique lifestyle. After your 50s, people may even seek out your advice or knowledge, or see you as a role model to embody.


  • You usually over-give to those in your circles, such as listening and keeping in touch, organizing events, or helping out. You are typically loyal and prefer to keep the peace, to the point that you might not stand up for what you really think.
  • Some 4/6 take it personally when people don’t like them and waste energy trying to befriend them. But you only show your true self with aligned people, and this is when you attract your best opportunities. The people that matter will appreciate your lessons and experiences. Not everyone is meant to be a friend.

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