Profile Lines 4/1: The Opportunist / Investigator

Your profile (Line 4/Line 1) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

You love to get lost down a rabbit hole of research on topics that interest you. You enjoy sharing facts with others to teach or help people in your circles. You are typically a friendly person who creates deep friendships and connections wherever you go. You sometimes feel a pull between wanting to socialize and wanting to be alone.

Profile 4/1: The Studious Leader

This type tends to waver between wanting to be social and networking with their people, and needing introspection and alone time. This is how they recharge and have time to investigate, research, and learn more about the things that interest them. Before making a decision or sharing their knowledge, they usually feel a deep need to be well-researched and informed. Understanding something from every angle is what makes them feel secure, certain, and confident about going forward. They need this firm foundation of understanding things in all areas of life.

You may be naturally driven to research certain topics to a deep level of knowledge, especially when you know it could be useful to help people or networks you know. You can often find different opportunities and new relationships from your close circles and network of contacts, as this type tends to have good people skills, charisma, or natural influence. You often can find opportunities to share your knowledge and theories with others, who find it useful and can do something with it.

Personality Traits of a 4/1 Profile

  • You love to research and investigate topics until you have an extensive knowledge and answer all of your questions.
  • You feel secure about a topic, person, or situation when you deeply understand it from all angles.
  • You crave close connections and love being with your circles. You are often at the center of your groups and organize things, but sometimes you tire from over-giving and want to retreat.
  • 4/1 profiles can reach wide audiences through their relationship-building skills. When they feel secure in their connections, they can really influence others with their in-depth knowledge. But first, they must find confidence that they are experts at what they are sharing.


  • You feel confident about your decisions and new connections after you know all the information.
  • You place great value on friendships. These environments are where you best prosper and spend a lot of time.
  • Because you thrive at creating connections in all areas of your life, it is likely for your business opportunities and romantic partners to come from people you know.


  • You may feel insecure or unsure about something or someone until you investigate, research, and study it to a great degree. Gathering information can be calming, as long as learning more doesn’t become an excuse not to move forward.
  • You may be prone to imposter syndrome, where you never feel that you know enough to call yourself an expert, let alone share your knowledge and succeed. You may feel shy to share because you don’t trust your expertise.

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