Profile Lines 3/6: The Martyr / Role Model

Your profile (Line 3/Line 6) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

This personality type usually has adventurous, risk-taking, or entrepreneurial tendencies, which may lead to an unconventional life. You typically learn through trial and error. While your life might take several turns, you find solutions quicker by experimenting until you find what works. People may admire or copy your example. You empower them to experience and find their own authentic life.

Profile 3/6: The Experienced Example

You learn best through trial and error, experimenting, and experiencing something yourself. It’s hard to take the advice of others, as you still usually feel pulled to try it yourself. This is the only way you truly understand things or know the answer. You often jump into things before thinking and sometimes have to start again. But these are not mistakes for this type, because this is how you find what does and doesn’t work, and what your next step is. You learn as you go.

This type tends to progress through three distinct stages in life. Before the age of 30, they tend to try everything and take more risks, experiences, or adventures. After 30, you may feel a need to retreat, rest, process, and experiment with a quieter and more stable life. This is when you start to define what you really want in life.

These people tend to be late bloomers. After their 50s, their experiences, learned wisdom, and discoveries are useful to guide others who aren’t as resilient to try new things or take risks. You show them the trodden path on how to avoid the same mistakes. You usually do this just through your example, as you tend to live by what you have learned.

As you get older and learn from your past experiences, things start to get a little easier or more stable. But there will always be something that pushes you to action when looking for your next step or trying to make a decision, this small need to try a few different options to discover what really works.

Personality Traits of the 3/6 Profile

  • This personality type tends to have an adventurous, risk-taking, or entrepreneurial streak. You experiment with various ideas, lifestyles, and experiences. You learn by trying new things and taking a less-trodden path. This is a niche.
  • You’ve probably had a few experiences that would knock the average person. But even when it’s overwhelming, you manage to get up and try something else until you find what works.
  • These lessons end up helpful to others who don’t have resilience and tenancy like you. They learn from your process.
  • This need to trial things never fully goes away, but it does subside after your 30s or 40s when you sift out what didn’t work. Many people use your knowledge or copy you as an example, especially after 50.


  • It’s important not to label your experiences as mistakes but how you process things until you understand them. You learn what you like, dislike, and would do different.
  • Throughout your life, and especially during your 30s, you might feel pulled to retreat and focus on stability, family, resting, or healing. It may feel like whiplash or depressive from your previous adventurous self. But this withdrawal helps you process your stories, experiences, and lessons.


  • Your experiences may have caused a few heartbreaks, career changes, or new starts. Some people may avoid experiences because of the overwhelm. But this also stops your growth.
  • To others, your life may sometimes look chaotic, painful, or disorganized; feeling ‘different’ can feel isolating. But ultimately, it can lead to a happy life and they will value that.

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