Profile Lines 3/5: The Martyr / Heretic

Your profile (Line 3/Line 5) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

It often takes you a few tries before you find what works; this experimentation has probably led to a few false starts and changes in your life. But you build a unique insight and knowledge from these experiences. People often see this knowledge and call on you to help them. You are a great advisor or person to call in times of crisis or change.

Profile 3/5: The Experienced Problem-Solver

With your line 3, you learn best through trial and error, experimenting, and experiencing things yourself. It’s hard to take advice because you still feel compelled to try things to confirm your perspective. Sometimes it feels like everything goes wrong, but this type needs to embrace that this is how they learn and see the next step. They are not mistakes because you confirm what does or doesn’t work. Otherwise, you don’t grow.

You tend to have a resilience and curiosity to try new things that many people wouldn’t. You might say yes before knowing if you can deliver because you learn on the job. If people support your experimentation, you can unearth unique knowledge.

As a line 5, people tend to see you as competent and come for advice in a crisis, or see you as the perfect person that could help. When people call on you, you love to save the day. But it is important to only accept things you actually want and are capable of doing. Otherwise, people get disappointed when you fail their expectations and can turn on you.

Many people project what they want onto line 5. You may be surprised by some people’s perceptions or accusations that are not true. This type often feels that no one sees the real them, which may cause them to put up a wall or mask. They don’t tend to show their vulnerable or true side, or they try to be the person others think they are so they don’t disappoint. But this can be isolating and they do need some true connections.

Personality Traits of the Line 3/5 Profile

  • This personality type tends to have an adventurous or risk-taking side that can be useful in finding new solutions. You may even go for adventurous projects or opportunities you don’t have the solution or skills for yet.
  • You learn along the way through trial and error. You experiment with various ideas, lifestyles, and experiences, and try new ways others haven’t tried. This is a niche for success because not everyone has the resilience or tenancy to endure it.
  • Sometimes when things go wrong, people don’t understand or trust your process, which can make you doubt yourself. But each trial and error gives you worthwhile knowledge and subsides as you sift out what doesn’t work.
  • People often come to you for particular things, which can be both flattering and overwhelming. It might trigger a cycle of trial and error, so make sure you choose the things or people that get a positive response and that the person understands your sometimes up and down processes.


  • It’s important not to label your experiences as mistakes but see is as your learning process of what doesn’t work.
  • Throughout your life, you might feel a pull away to take time to yourself. This withdrawal helps you process and learn from your experiences and not repeat the same lesson.


When you fail to save the day or meet people’s expectations, people can lose trust in you; this hurts because you take pride in your reputation. Some 3/5 people may avoid experiences or helping others. But then your knowledge isn’t shared.

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