Profile 2/5: The Hermit / Heretic

Your profile (Line 2/Line 5) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

Your unique insights and natural skills help you see practical solutions or new ways to solve things. You are often called to help people in times of crisis. Otherwise, you tend to enjoy your alone time and feel shy, wary, or unmotivated to leave your comfort zone.

Profile 2/5: The Shy Hero

This type tends to be naturally gifted or intelligent and can spend hours alone building upon talents or things that come easily. You might not recognize your own talents, although others probably see them clearly and could tell you. Once you value what you do best, others will see your skills and present some interesting opportunities. In this way, you can cultivate your skills over years of practice and experience.

It is common for this type to enjoy their retreat and hermit time, especially to build upon their skills. You may be wary or skeptical to leave your comfort zone, but when it is the right person or project, you are easily motivated to help or jump into your extrovert side. You only really leave your comfort zone when you really want to, otherwise, you’re pretty content alone.

When the right moment comes, your skills can bring practical and effective solutions in times of crisis, change, or transition. Although sometimes, people may overestimate your abilities or project unrealistic expectations onto you. This type sometimes feels that people don’t really understand or see who they really are or what they do, which may cause them to retreat altogether. But then their skills are wasted.

Personality Traits of the 2/5 Profile

  • You are naturally skilled in certain areas and can often see solutions or new ways of doing things.
  • Your talents and skills come so easily that you may not even see them as unique or something you’re an expert at.
  • You love your alone time, but people love to call you out of your zone because of your natural skills. They can see how your particular talents or traits are perfect for them.
  • You may feel a constant pull between wanting to help people and then retreating back to your comfort zone. You need both to really feel energized.


  • You love to close yourself off and be in your comfort zone because you can finally work on what you love.
  • Your shy side makes you wary of which people to help. If there isn’t enough self-motivation, you probably prefer to stay in your hermit zone.


  • Some 2/5 Profiles may question their abilities or not see their skills as unique; ask friends or family what your talent is.
  • People are naturally drawn to you. They may project ideals about you as having the exact skills or traits they need, whether for problem-solving, a partner, or an employee. You hate to let people down, and may hide your true self or abilities to meet their expectations.
  • However, if you don’t meet people’s expectations, they can become disappointed in you. This can wound your confidence and reputation, and may trigger you to retreat. It’s important to learn to say no when you don’t have enough energy, skills, or excitement about it; you can’t solve every problem anyhow.

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