Profile 2/4: The Hermit / Opportunist

Your profile (Line 2/Line 4) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

You are naturally gifted and certain skills come easily to you. But you only really feel tempted to leave your comfort zone and share your skills with others when they are people you know well. You often feel a pull between your love of spending time with your close circles and wanting to be alone.

Profile 2/4: The talented introvert-extrovert

This type tends to be naturally gifted or talented, where certain things, intelligence, or skills come easily. They tend to enjoy alone time, so they can practice and build upon the things that interest them. Studying may sometimes be hard as they build skills naturally and by doing. They don’t usually like being interrupted during this hermit or creative time. But when the right people call them out, their social and extrovert side kicks in.

Depending on the people or situation, you may feel pulled between introvert and extrovert moods, or switch from shy to outspoken, or from caring deeply for others to having no energy to care. When you’re around people who feel especially aligned or comfortable, your true nature comes out and attracts the right people to what you do best. Support and feedback from your circles encourage you to further your skills.

The first challenge is usually realizing that you have skills or valuing what comes naturally to you as a “talent”. Once you recognize and start building these skills, others will see it, too. But the fear of rejection or not receiving support for showing your true self usually hold this type back.

As you grow your natural gifts, it will attract others to seek you out and call on you. Through the correct calls from your network, you will gain confidence in your talents over time and receive better offers and opportunities to share your skills.

Personality Traits of a 2/4 Profile

  • You might often feel torn between wanting to socialize and wanting to be alone.
  • You love alone time because you can get fully absorbed in working on your natural skills, like art or coding. You could do it for hours and may even have a certain zone. It can irritate you when people interrupt or try to pull you out of your flow.
  • When you do feel social, you prefer to hang with close and like-minded people; you don’t usually do well with strangers or even business partnerships that don’t have friendship.


  • Superficial connections make you uncomfortable. You prefer real friendships to feel trust and show your true self; typically your career opportunities, relationships, and contacts come from who you know. People see what you’re naturally good at, and will often call on you to use your skills.
  • You may feel obliged to help everyone who asks but sometimes you need to say no. You can only handle a certain amount of interaction before needing alone time, and should only follow opportunities that feel right for you.


  • You may have a tendency to over-give to your closest people. You are typically loyal and like to keep the peace, to the point that you might not stand up for yourself.
  • 2/4 Profiles feel upset when people don’t like them, which can push them deeper away from socializing. It becomes a waste of their energy and missed opportunities if they befriend people who aren’t right for them. They only come out of their shell when surrounded by the right people, so their groups are core to happiness, growth, and success.

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