Profile Lines 1/4: The Investigator / Opportunist

Your profile (Line 1/Line 4) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

You love to research and study topics to a deep level. You don’t feel like you truly know something or someone until you understand them from every angle. You love to share your facts and insights with your close circles. You often take time to get to know people on a personal level and are loyal. You may feel a pull between wanting alone time and wanting to socialize.

Profile 1/4: The Intellectual Networker

This type tends to have an introverted side that likes to retreat and study, research, or understand how things work, mixed with an extroverted side that likes to get that information out and share it with others.

You love to build knowledge for the very purpose of sharing with others, mindful of what might attract or benefit them. You can bring well-researched ideas, theories, concepts, lifestyles, or solutions to large groups of people.

You usually need to build solid knowledge in most areas of life before you feel confident to move forward. Being ill-prepared, under-researched, or not knowing enough can make you feel insecure, anxious, or imposter syndrome.

It may take time to get to know people or make decisions until you understand them from every angle. You may also feel shy to share with others until you feel certain in your knowledge or ideas. Sometimes you need to acknowledge you are already expert enough; most people don’t have the level of your knowledge and can benefit from what you know.

Personality Traits of the Line 1/4 Profile

  • You love to research things and learn from a range of external sources, such as courses, podcasts, videos, books etc.
  • You like to understand how things, people, and the world work from all sides. You learn until you have a deep understanding, which makes you feel secure about it.
  • Knowledge and being well prepared makes you feel calm. When you have this solid base, you feel secure to move forward. But sometimes, you don’t step out because you still feel like you don’t know enough yet.
  • You often create a 360-degree perspective through your curious drive to answer questions to yourself and fill in knowledge gaps. This knowledge is rare because people don’t often research topics to such a deep level. Find out how you can use this information to foster your success.


  • You feel most confident about your decisions or someone when you know all the facts first.
  • You place great value on friendships and connections, and love to be around people you enjoy. These environments are where you best prosper and spend a lot of time.
  • Because you thrive at creating and valuing real connections in all areas of your life, it is likely for your business opportunities and romantic partners to come from people you know.


  • You may feel insecure or unsure about something or someone until you investigate, research, and study it to a great degree. Gathering information can be calming, as long as it doesn’t become an excuse to not move forward.
  • You may be prone to imposter syndrome, where you never feel that you know enough to talk like an expert. You may feel shy to share because you don’t trust your expertise.

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