Profile Lines 1/3: The Investigator / Martyr

Your profile (Line 1/Line 3) relates to things such as personality traits, approach to life and learning, and niche knowledge areas.

This personality profile tends to learn through in-depth research and lived experiences. They move forward in life by thoroughly researching and preparing themselves with knowledge first, before taking measured steps to experience their ideas and see what really works.

Profile 1/3: The Calculated Risk-Taker

Line 1 tends to be driven to research topics and learn everything they can about something until they have a deep and firm understanding. That’s when you finally feel ready to move forward, make a decision, or feel expert enough to share.

Line 1 tends to suffer from imposter syndrome and is usually in search of more courses, information, and certifications until they feel certain they know enough. Although, they also enjoy the alone and introspection time to study, research, and reflect.

Not knowing everything and uncertainty make you feel insecure or anxious. You may hold back or take time to feel sure about something or someone. You need a strong and secure understanding and knowledge before you feel ready to experiment or live out anything in real life.

Once armed with adequate research, Line 3 tends to feel pulled to experience things themself to confirm how they feel about it. Once you are 100% sure, you often feel confident to invest, take big steps, or commit to something or someone. You can be quite loyal and see things to the end, which is why you take time to research before you leap.

Your knowledge is a huge asset because it is researched and tested to be true, usually in niche areas that interest you. Most people’s knowledge is not as in-depth and you can probably already help them with what you know.

Personality Traits of a 1/3 Profile

  • This personality type loves to do copious research. They learn from a range of external sources, such as courses, podcasts, videos, books etc. You learn things to a deep level, probably in some niche topics as well.
  • When you have a solid base of information, you feel secure to go forward and try new experiences. Your studious side creates a confident foundation for your adventurous side to test the research.
  • Your research helps you reduce mistakes during your trial and error stage. This is how you learn and move through life.
  • Your mix of research and experience is rare because most people don’t have that combination of insight. Find out how you can use this information to foster your success.


  • You feel confident about your decisions when you know all the facts. Knowledge makes you feel secure. You need to deeply figure out how things, people, and the world works.
  • You don’t mind alone periods to get stuck into your research. This time also helps you process what unique lessons have come from your research and experiences.


  • You may be prone to imposter syndrome, where you feel you never know enough or that you’re not expert enough to succeed. You may feel shy to share because you don’t trust your expertise or facts.
  • You tend to feel insecure or unsure until you learn enough details. Gathering information is calming but also addictive, especially if it becomes an excuse not to move forward.

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