DYS[functional] Feedback Survey – Your Advice Matters!

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about the DYS[functional] Workshop + Community. Your insight really helps and is greatly appreciated 🙂

How would you describe yourself? Tick all that apply.

What solutions do you need? Tick all that apply.

What is your age group

How much do you invest in therapy or personal development? Tick all that apply.

Do you prefer a tool you already use (FB, IG etc.), or prefer another platform?

If you could find the perfect course, what would it help you achieve? Tick all that apply.

Please write freely what gave you the deepest insight, what you enjoyed, or what was annoying (including the tools used, notifications, mini videos, conversations/comments, live coaching, live workshops, recorded workshops, meeting like-minded people, sharing out loud... you name it!)

Are you more vulnerable in women-only groups?

If you share a testimony, please put your first name and a surname initial, as your testimony will be published!

Please check the top 3 things that would sway you to take a course

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