What Is Human Design?

Human design is a classification system that explains how people use energy differently and are prone to certain traits as a result. It is similar but more elaborate than personality tests, like Meyers Briggs or Enneagram Tests, and overlays numerous holistic modalities with quantum physics.

Human design is a useful self-awareness tool; by showing higher and lower expressions of each characteristic, you can self-evaluate and measure where you are at. Sometimes, it simply validates the life you have created; other times it shows where your gifts are being under utilized.

Human design also explains how to identify how our bodies speak to us. This is our sub-conscious reaction of what we feel before the mind steps in. The body reveals what we truly want, while the mind rationalizes what we should do. But if we follow what resonates with our bodies, it is more likely to lead us to happiness and flow, rather than constriction.

This is an experiment not a rule book. It encourages you to play with whatever resonates with you. This guide can help you uncover where you might be ignoring your body’s signals or energy levels; suppressing parts of your personality or characteristics; or stuck in a lower expression.

By looking at your body’s baseline energy, human design can kickstart your path of self-discovery, answer pressing life questions, find your life purpose, target pain points, improve your self image, or just accept and love yourself.

So, let’s uncover the art of you.

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