Are You At The Brink Of Burnout?

Many people are functioning on the brink of burnout without realizing it. As each person is genetically unique, there is no one-fits-all version of burnout either.

What Are Your Burnout Signs?

People experience low-level burnout in various ways. It might show up as feeling tired all the time, confused, over-emotional, under-excited, or getting stuck in overthinking or escaping mechanisms.

Burn-out can =

  • Feeling unmotivated, dull, unexcited, or grey about life
  • Easily triggered or regularly stuck in an emotive state, such as being unable to shake feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment, or bitterness
  • A lack of desire to socialize, talk, or even respond to messages
  • A deep need to retreat or hermit from everything
  • Highly sensitive, emotional, or triggered by small things that don’t make sense

Of course, these can also be symptoms of some mental health illnesses, which only a doctor can rule out. But if you are experiencing similar signs of burnout, identifying and fixing the problem may also require a very personal and self-directed check-in.

What’s Causing Your Burn Out?

Using the human design system as a guide, we can say there are two main differences:

  • Certain people recharge and are energized by doing what they love; they burn out when they have too many commitments they don’t enjoy or dislike doing (Generators, Manifesting Generators). If they are not following their passions and doing what they like, they lose energy and excitement about life.
  • Others burn out by doing too many physical things; they energize by resting and have their best insights by entering into a processing or creative mind space (Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors).

Burnout can happen when we’re not living a life that is aligned to us, whether:

  • energetically – people whose power is in their minds and ideas, not their output
  • passionately – when we do too many things that we don’t enjoy or are far from our dream life
  • structurally – their life routines, environments, or rituals are not optimal for them

If you created three columns, what would you list under each one? Which one would need the attention first?

  • energetically – what makes me physically tired? What drains my energy?
  • passionately – what don’t I enjoy? What irritates or triggers me? What makes me frustrated or feel unappreciated?
  • structurally – what feels difficult to maintain or stick to? What doesn’t work for me?

If you are in a place of burnout, it is very hard to make clear decisions. Your rested, best version of yourself is not available to see the best possible decision.

When we are tired or burnt out, we only get more confused and emotional, which heightens the emotions of feeling lost or too tired to even deal with it.

If you want guidance, these are exactly the kind of answers we try to find in a Reflection Therapy session, where we aim to uncover what’s causing you to feel burnout or unhappy.

Happy healing xo

Casey 4/6 Reflector

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