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The Podcast

If you don’t fit the system, then create a system that fits you. These podcasts help you understand what makes you different, so you can create a life where you thrive. We should all feel happy, fulfilled, and passionate. 

Embark on a self-awareness, discovery, and healing journey as we reflect on our biggest blindspots and societal expectations that stop us from chasing what we individually need. Let’s find your life purpose and success niche.

Ep #3: Why Are You Tired: Are You In Energetic Burnout?

Do you have these symptoms of energetic burnout? We talk about the causes and how to assess if you’re stuck in burnout mode. Listen...

Ep #2: Managing Your Worst Behaviors & Outbursts: The A++ Approach

It is almost impossible to suppress our natural emotions, triggers, and outbursts. Instead, we need to understand what our outbursts are telling us and...

Ep #1: You Are Not Lazy! Why You Fail to Meet Goals & Resolutions

Don’t set any goals before you listen to this! Are you a Type A or Type B person for discipline, structure, and goal-setting? If...