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Welcome to the Self-Activation Club

Does this sound like you?

Let’s awaken your gifted potential…


Hi, I’m Casey

Do any of these resonate?

✓ I want to understand my gifts & life purpose

✓ I want to create a conscious business & lifestyle

✓ Other approaches haven’t worked for my unique situation or problem

✓ I want to stop undermining my success with anxiety, indecisiveness, overthinking, procrastination, and self-doubt

If this sounds like you, you might be ready for the Self-Activation Academy, a private incubator for gifted women entrepreneurs.

You can get business advice support in a like-minded community, plus all of my teachings as a Self-Activation & Burnout Coach. It’s fun, deep, and really works.

Save yourself from years of guesswork & unsuccessful business attempts in the right space.