1:1 Self-Activation Coaching Session: Ignite Your Purpose & Optimal Self


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    If you’ve already tried a variety of tools or therapies but still feel stuck or lost, let’s try to find what’s stopping you from moving forward.

    In a 1:1 90-minute session, I invite you to get personal about your story. We discuss your past, your future goals, and your biggest pain points, so we can highlight any obstacles or blindspots that are stopping you from moving forward. Where useful, we draw from a variety of tools, especially human design, which gives us a roadmap to your most vulnerable areas. We also address any traumas, unfulfilled passions, areas of confusion, and where you’ve been ignoring your needs to make sure your goals are aligned with who you truly are.

    Self-Activation Coaching

    In an online coaching session, you can control the conversation and questions you want to explore, such as how to:

    • identify where you might have negative belief systems or fears
    • address toxic patterns, over-thinking, lack of drive, fluctuating self-esteem, or repetitive behaviors
    • learn how to optimize your energy, productivity, and motivation
    • create an environment and life where you thrive and feel fulfilled
    • how to boost your body, brain, and daily emotions
    • how you best optimize your energy, productivity, and motivation
    • how to master your weaknesses and vulnerabilities
    • the environments you operate best in
    • how you learn and absorb information
    • your optimal eating and working schedule
    • how your emotions and mind function

    Even when people spend years in therapy, they still often repeat the same symptoms and repetitive behaviors or get stuck in energetic burnout. This might include symptoms such as overthinking, fluctuating self-esteem, ongoing self-doubt, negative self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviors, people-pleasing, or returning to toxic relationships. These behaviors can be hard to see once they become subconscious patterns and habits.

    Together, we will discuss your emotions, deep-set traumas, or concerns, and reflect on them clearly and simply. This is for anyone who has been feeling lost, has dealt with big changes or traumas, is feeling stuck, or feels like a misfit in general. You are not alone.

    This package includes a 15-page Full Human Design Report, a 1:1 90-minute online session, plus a follow-up email for post questions and reflections.

    Prices are in USD.

    online human design reading session
    1:1 Self-Activation Coaching Session: Ignite Your Purpose & Optimal Self
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