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My 1:1 human design coaching gives you the tools to design a life that is optimized for you. Using your human design themes, we create customized action plans that utilize your skills, interaction needs, energy levels, and optimal environments.

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Besides being a certified human design reader, I bring 15 years of content and digital marketing experience as an online female entrepreneur. I have helped companies grow their audiences and traffic by 200%. I bring a cultural viewpoint to all of my coaching sessions, having lived in five countries.

As a 4/6 Reflector, I act as a soundboard to help you express your individual brand and identify the products and audiences that align with your energetic makeup. 

For any coaching sessions, please contact me directly via Facebook, Instagram or email or book a free clarity call. Read more about me and my marketing expertise.

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Human Design Coaching

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Learn your strengths and weaknesses

Optimizing your personal well-being is about working smarter with what you have, and not harder with what you don’t have. 

We use human design principles to guide people to find what works for their individual personality, traits, and energy levels. It’s about identifying what works for you, and eliminating what doesn’t.

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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that includes five archetypes and explains how we use energy differently and have certain traits as a results. For example, some people relax by doing activities and hobbies; other people relax by being alone and getting rest.

When you understand how your body works, you can start to find your own version of optimal wellness, purpose, and success. Through human design, you can see what works for your personality, characteristics, and energy type. You become the best guru for yourself.

Human design looks at your energetic makeup on the day you were born. It overlays several holistic theories to triangulate with detail a system of traits, strengths and weaknesses based on your energy type. The Jovian Archive is the official Human Design explanation.

Human design is best used as a self-awareness tool and experiment. The idea is to see what happens if you listen to your body’s signals, not the logical mind. To help your process, we send a weekly message with specific tips, reflections, and experiments so each person can feel out their specific style over a course of time.

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